[A]DestinyFulfilled 10m Recruiting 6/7hm Core

<Destiny Fulfilled> is a PVE/PVP guild currently looking to recruit members for it's PVE 10-man core.

Jahditzy founded this guild for PVP-only purposes. He planned to make an RBG core that would be in the top 10 US. Recently, he had to take a vacation so I, Urish, was handed Guildmaster. Having experience with leading raids and 6/7H, I figured I'd get some really good players I know to start a core that would take down H Rag and be competitive in 4.3+. This should be an easy task as a couple of us have experience on H rag and the co-raid leader is a Firelord (7/7H).

What We Need:
We currently need a healer Priest to get a fantastic comp.

You must be 3+7/7 HM EXP'd, 375+ ILVL, patient, willing to run multiple specs, and look up fights. Also be able to raid Monday, Thursday, and Friday 6-9PM ST.

Jahditzy's plan for an RBG team was not lost. Today, we have many gladiators, heroes, and high-rated people. The RBG leaders will have a top 10 RBG team next season gaurenteed. They may start one soon, though.

If you are interested in joining the guild, contact Urish or Kajn in-game. You can also check out Destinyfulfilled.guildportal.com.

Join now and enjoy not only a fantastic core, but amazing pvpers!
Do you guys need a rogue????
11/05/2011 08:28 AMPosted by Acquired
Do you guys need a rogue????

We do not.
PST me in-game if you are not one of the required classes, though. The core is not complete and there are still options that can be made.
What we need has changed, check if it's what you are!

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