Blizzard (the spell) is bugged.

Bug Report
Hi. Blizzard is having a bit of a problem. When the first tick of the spell is supposed to happen, it doesn't and returns a "Spell not ready yet" error. I suspect this is because the mage is still on the GCD when the first tick from Blizzard happens. As a result, Blizzard is only ticking 7 times. This is confirmed by my combat logs and the combat logs of other players who saw me cast the spell.

This issue happens to other mages I've talked to on every cast, regardless of addons or any of that so you should have no problem confirming that there is a problem. Please investigate this, it's a problem that directly impacts the mage's performance on aoe.

Edit - I was testing this as arcane by the way, due to suspicion that something in the frost tree was responsible.
Just tested it on the PTR as Fire and Frost. I got all 8 of the ticks. I'll make an arcane spec after raid and see what happens.

Edit: Had an arcane guildie test it, did all 8 ticks. Maybe it's just a bug on live...

Edit 2: I'm getting the error on live as Frost.
Confirmed on live.

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