[A] Outlandish [25] 6/7 HM, P4 Rag, 9 hrs /wk

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Full... too full... slipping... into food coma.
11/24/2011 05:16 PMPosted by Lunitari
I wouldn't say the DAY is delicious, silly gist.

Have you ever eaten a day Luni?
I ate at A&W today...
A&W is solid. Their rootbeer floats are pretty amazing.
I ate at A&W today...

I must be the only person in the world that doesn't like Root Beer.

How can you enjoy something that tastes like someone liquidated candy canes and offered it to you in a glass?
I actually don't like root beer either, even though it has beer in the name.
I don't really like root beer either, but root beer floats are money.
Saw Twilight and The Muppets today...Pretty awesome.
My wife and mother in law made me watch one of the Twilights last night. I just wish that chick would smile. Just once.
was the muppets worth seeing in theatre?
Can't go wrong with muppets.
lol saw some of it on my neighbours blackberry, I'll definately check it out when it gets to town here.
Yeah, Muppets was awesome, although no reason to see it in the movie theatre versus Netflix or Redbox unless you want to see it earlier.
Twilight was better though!
Of course I'm a sucker for a good love story.

Get it, "sucker"?!?!

I slay myself!!
Get all your transmog gear ready!!
Opening up 10 spots for when half the guild mysteriously stops showing up due to SWTOR.
See? No-one to respond to my joke, they're all playing the beta.
I said a few months ago we'll probably be a 10m guild after SWToR releases, we'll see. Im too old for any new mmorpgs after WoW retires I will be retiring. I have shelves of games I havent played because of WoW so I have a lot of catching up to do!

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