<The Empire> wants you, Tank.

Looking for a solid tank with skill for FL and who is available to clear FL as of 7:30 server on Friday nights, with the potential for a second night once said tank spot is filled. We would like to stop pugging some random !@# tank from trade so that we can push more progress; the comp is very strong, and we've been plagued with attrition in this one spot only.

On off nights we run RBGs, tier 11 metas, and do other achievement runs. Group 2 is 1/7hm and has no problem clearing FL quickly and efficiently. It would be ideal if you had a dps OS and are in favor of world peace, the oxford comma, and pie. Plus be properly geared and whatnot.

Feel free to holla at me here or send me a tell in-game.
Hellbladez is a !@#$%pants* and we still need a good tank.

Yeah, one who is knowledgeable about his or her class and, if not geared already, willing to put the effort into properly gearing a tank for FL. With our help of course. :)

* apparently one is not allowed to mention the oldest profession in the world on the forums. Even so, we like whorish folk.
Grotle clearly
Glad you're back :)
Message me if you still need a tank.
Feel free to message me in-game to chat :)
OMW to apply bros.

- Brad
Update: I think we're good on tankage now, but we are open to being wooed by a spiffy mage type. WHERE ARE YOU, FANCY MAGES?

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