How do you tell...

how long it's been since a hunter has had a certain pet out of the inactive part of the stable? I've read that it's possible but can't figure out how to tell.
never heard of this
why would you want this?
Well, the armory lists active and inactive pets - so it's technically possible if someone was sc@*#!#* that data on a regular basis (like the Undermine Journal or Wowprogress do). But I'm guessing no site does that, and why would they, and like Kurrn says, why would you want to know?

So, short answer: No.

Although, to be honest, I'm kind of curious why you would want that information...

EDIT: Seriously? After 7 years these forums are still too stupid to allow the letter combination of r,a,p,e when it's in a word like s-c-r-a-p-e or d-r-a-p-e? Wowhead currently lists 104 cloaks called "D#*!*", but let us never talk of those items on these forums.

How about this: If those 4 letters appear with spaces or punctuation marks on both sides, bleep it. If they appear with letters on either side, it's a different word, so allow it. I just fixed something the crappy devs managing your forums couldn't figure out in 7 years. My consulting fee is 20,000 gold, sent directly to my mailbox.
A pet will remain the same level in the stable even if the hunter levels higher so that can be a clue to how long it has been stabled.

If the hunter is level 85 and a stabled pet is level 10, then you know it hasn't been out since the hunter was level 10. You can check achievements for dates when a toon reached certain levels.
I was curious because I read a post on the forum of someone accusing a hunter who wanted more stable space of not taking many of their pets out of the stable in months and was just wondering how he or she could tell that. Obviously if a pet is lvl 10 and the hunter is 85 that's one clue but that wasn't the case here. It's just one of those random dumb things that's stuck in my head, idk!

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