[A]<RISB>8/8H DS(25) LFM for MOP

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There's only one way to settle this...priest duel in Elwynn Forest!!!
12/15/2011 11:50 PMPosted by Vandarr
well....I beat everyone does it count?

always counts
Okay so I try to refrain from being in this drama. As a gm you are always trying to push your guild to be number one. I always tell my guildies, "Come on guys lets fight for server first. We need to beat RISB to the kill." The way that I see it is that we are tied. They raid before us and we raid late night. Sure for them it will say server first because they simply raid before us, but that doesn't make them the number one guild. We were tied for H Mal according to Wowprogress. It says the same numbers ect. We are tied. I know Adavis will agree with me on it. This is suppose to be friendly competition. Until the end of the content or both guild progress farther, there is no better guild. We are the same. We will see how it goes then. The drama and name calling on both ends need to stop. I can't help level 1s, because I simply do not know who they are. Either way both guilds need to grow up and get over whatever this is. THIS IS A VIDEO GAME. This isn't life.
"The drama and name calling on both ends need to stop"

Amen to that - on both sides. Some shouldn't be so quick to throw stones when living in a glass house - especially behind the anonymity of a keyboard.

Long story short it makes both guilds and people involved look like 14 year olds - and knowing most of you, none of you are 14 years old. Social skills go a long way.... so let it go and enjoy the damn game.

P.S. - Broode you know not to talk smack, I kick ya a$$ :)

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