[A]<RISB>8/8H DS(25) LFM for MOP

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lol thats kind of hilarious. qube stop raining on people's parades
Elemental Shaman LF PvE guild, willing to start from scratch and work my way up. im dedicated to progressing as a guild and have downed and done 8/8 DS! still need some more upgrades such as trinkets and 1 ring... willing to also xffer off Altar of Storms and xffer here!
bumpin' this
bump for a good guildChanged as per respect to Zelse
I typically stay off the forums. I do appreciate the support Thrax, however I'd prefer it without bashing lucid. There were differences in the past, however I would say both our guilds have moved on from that and focus on our own goals and such. In doing so, we try to respect each others guild. I would rather have 2 guilds that clear content that can at least get along, rather than constantly fighting and creating drama. If you could respect those wishes, I'm sure I speak for a couple others that would appreciate that.
Heroic spine down. Still looking for a couple more for the final push.
Working on the kill video now. Just that... people's suggestions on the music was ... well.. imho not the best choices.
Congrats on Spine!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGtkmRDdiXE There enjoy it or not, I don't care, I'm going to bed!
Madness down! HOOOOOOOO!
We're still looking for some people for DS heroic farming and for MOP. Especially looking for anyone interested in re-rolling a monk as either a healer or dps.
Up again
/sigh d3 down as well, I got nothing to do >< Irnotsleepy!
Still looking for more for DS farming and MOP. Again, if you're looking to play a monk in MOP, we're recruiting for that as well.
Still recruiting for MOP. Looking for talent of all classes and monk re-rolls.
You can also contact Ankhie as well.

Or if you happen to see me in Beta, Ankhiemarie is my name.
Still looking for a couple more for MOP. Although we're doing open recruitment, were mostly looking for a shadow priest or two. Feel free to contact Ankhie in game about recruitment.

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