Nvidia Surround issues

Technical Support
Running 5960x1080 with bezel correction in a Nvidia Surround triple display setup

Using the NV Surround setup running in to the problem of the excessivly large XP text and floating combat text that i can not turn off

if anyone knows how to disable that floating text i would love to know Mik's Scrolling text addon didnt work to disable it

Sys Specs
Core i7 920 @ 4.2
12gb DDR3
2x Nvidia GTX 550Ti in SLI Surround
Asus Xonar D2X
Windows 7
I've posted a couple times on this very topic and I've yet to get a reply from any blue. Several individuals came with suggestions that they thought would help, unfortunately there is no way to make that text smaller. I ended up getting a blank font file and setting that as the default text for blizzards ingame combat text. Makes it go away completely. Obviously not a solution to the issue but at least I'm not staring at combat text that is gigantic and blocking my view of the screen.
Thx for the reply Malt

where would i find the font file to blank out
Looks like I'm not alone.. I just raised a thread about this issue too.

I suspect every Nvidia Surround user has these symptoms.. way to go Blizzard.
Can u post detailed info on how to do this and also where to find the blank font file

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