Herald of the Titans

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I'd like to go, i'm an 85 but i think i can still have a level 85 in the group for it.
Sadly Mcflyy, the requirements for the achievement requires you to be level 80:



More healers :<
I'm trying to hustle to 80!
I hope you're Alliance. :)
Any horde groups running to gear up for this? The ICC5 queue's take forever, even as a healer.
Heals here, signed up as dps but meant healer. :)
I have a mage (Jobblez @ norgannon) already at 80, but i plan on re-rolling another resto druid if that fits the group.

In need of some healers :)


sign up if you want to join this gearing run!
Bump for a healer!

i am currently leveling a character on alliance and i would be interested in a Herald run if anyone is organising one can you please contact me.

once i hit 80 i can have the character geared up within 5days
02/25/2012 12:53 PMPosted by Rhomeo
Any horde groups running to gear up for this? The ICC5 queue's take forever, even as a healer.

Me, right here.
I'm trying to run one of these for Horde, and even if most of my group is done with gearing I'd be glad to help you out if you can make it. We go Saturdays, or Sundays when Sat won't work.

I'm the only one who's signed up to openraid.us, so ignore the otherwise-empty sign-up list - we need just a healer and a DPS to be set.
Myself and a friend are very interested in the achievement.
shadow (possibly disc) priest
Blood DK or Survival hunter


We would be ready in 2-3 weeks.
I already have this achieve on my main at level, and had such a good time, i'd love to do it again!
The gearing run will be sunday, glad to have plenty of interest in this. To make this easier and for the raid leader, think it would be preferred to sign up on:


Just nice to have everything on paper, we have plenty of people now it seems, but back-up is always great since usually some people may not show up at correct time! Flasks on the house!

Edit: Meant Sunday
I'm interested in this Achievement.

Hopefullly i can gear this toon (Holy Pally) this week. D'you still need a heler?
Actually yeah, a healer would be perfect for sunday run. Since me and the other healer signed up is kinda iffy right now. Feel free to sign up on:


Shows the time and stuff. =)
I apologize for taking so long to get back to this thread but I had an account hack issue and had lost control of this account, the odds of me getting the paladin back are iffy atm due to something going on with it so i wont be able to come. Sorry it took so long to get back.

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