Resto shamans in low level dungeons?

I'm currently leveling this guy as my main :3, previously I had played a priest. I want to know how effective/fun Resto shamans are in low level raids. I always liked the idea of healing over dps, so anyone's input would rock.

EDIT: And what type of weapons I should use :P Thanks.
Resto Shaman is great in low level content, as is any other healer. Most low level content barely even needs a healer. I can't speak to lower level RAID content at the appropriate level as I didn't really hit many of the raids while I was leveling up, but I can give you a few general comments on Resto vs Priest (I have an alt Disc)....

Resto Shaman healing feels kinda lackluster until you get Riptide (31 point talent). Once you get Riptide, it becomes your bread-and-butter heal (Riptide is for Resto Shaman what PW:S is for Disc & Renew is for Holy). It has a 6-second cooldown and it's cheap, so it's frequently castable, and every time you cast it on somebody (which will basically be every time it's off cooldown) you get a big Haste buff for your next 2 casts. IMO this is the biggest advantage Resto has over the Priest -- our casts are a lot faster because of the nearly-constant Haste buff from casting Riptide.

Resto is more comparable to Holy than it is to Disc as Resto Shaman, like the Holy Priest, is a pure and reactive healer -- there's no hybrid dps-heals and no pre-emptive shielding. In Resto, when you see damage you heal it. Our Mastery is also very powerful as it increases the size of your heals in proportion to how injured your target is -- if they need a really big heal, Mastery makes sure they get one every time.

Otherwise, it's really not that different. You'll spam Chain Heal similar to a priest spamming PoH; you'll drop Riptide just like you'd drop Renew or PW:S; you'll drop Mana Tide Totem just like you'd Hymn; you'll use Spirit-Link Totem (our powerful cooldown) just like you'd use PW:B or DH. And you'll have about the same gear-sensitivity as the Priest, which is to say it'll feel weak and you'll stress about mana at first, but then as you gear up you'll hit break points where you feel suddenly much more powerful.

As for weapons, use whatever you get with the best stats while you're leveling up; you'll want to use a one-hand weapon + shield once you hit 80+.

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