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I concede a few points,

I have skimmed a certain blog, I don't know anyone involved, and its not on the news.

That said, are these rumors of "massive" claiming a couple, dozens, or hundreds of losses?

Also is there an official response to this that I have not found? If there isn't, is it likely because of the long standing policy of not addressing baseless rumors?

If there have been layoffs, My heart goes out to you and am sure that you have a bright future with Blizz on your resume.

Please lets not go into a tirade on this topic and cause another locked thread!

They're false, theres a blue post on the blue tracker, should be the newest one deconfirming it.
There is a blue response to the rumor featured at the top of the "forums" page.

Any and all using this to hype their own disagreements with WoW's game design or get attention on these forums deserve to be punched in the face, and IDC if I get banned for saying that. THE END, thread over.
that blue post only says 'massive layoffs' and that's what got me thinking that there was a confirmation of some changes
Joystiq also published another article claiming that their first one was untrue.
Just to be clear, the rumor is false. Please see the previous statement Bashiok provided.

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