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1. Remove or drastically increase the reinforcement cap (2000+).
2. Remove Alterac Valley from the random battleground queue.
3. Return most of the NPC's to Alterac Valley, such as Lieutenants and elite bunker guards.
4. Buff NPC's so that they are challenging to defeat, even as gear improves with new patches.
5. Update Alterac Valley with modern improvements such as a tabard teleport for defenders (instead of an awkward, outdated trinket) and more streamlined quest turn-ins.

Hey, I'm a HUGE fan of classic AV over the current rush rush rush game as much as the next person.

...but even I know that a return of classic AV will make it NEVER played ever again.

Taking it out of the random queue will ENSURE that it will never be played again. Everybody will get more (or at least BELIEVE they will get more) honor/conquests by running faster smaller BGs in less time.
Convinced my Battleground to turtle in an epic Alterac Valley, We summoned Icelord and kept him healed as he marched north pulverizing all the alliance in the way. They tried to tank him... After he had stacked to 10. Yeah i think he is still VERY useful as he goes after tanks first, healers second, and THEN dps classes... and IGNORES RESILIENCE (^.^)
A couple ways to improve it:

1. Make it impossible to kill the boss if you don't own all the towers / bunkers.

2. Towers and bunkers don't get destroyed.. They can be recaptured at any time.

3. The rewards will have to be greatly improved though, such as handing out conquest points to honor-capped players, else they'll just run the shorter BG's for the 50 CP's per win instead of hours in AV for a few hundred honor they don't need.
Old AV was my favorite memory of WoW. Nothing has even come close to the fun I had there.

Blizzard, you have a paying customer for life if you bring back old AV.
Old AV was my favorite memory of WoW. Nothing has even come close to the fun I had there.

Blizzard, you have a paying customer for life if you bring back old AV.

Me too. New players don't know what they missed back then, everything now is "I want quick this, or quick that". All the immersion has been taken out of the game to cater to people with no patience and short attention spans. Boo that.

Old AV was some good old fashion fun.
Dear Blizzard:

After the 6 years that Alterac Valley has been available for our enjoyement I beg of you... Please remap the field so no side gets any advantages.

I agree, it needs to 'matter' more.

Each graveyard and Tower should be a higher prize possession. Leaders should be next to unkillable with even on other guard in there.

Zerg rush kekek isnt fun at all... its not even pvp >.>
I see the argument made all to often that people want fast BG's... Personally I'd love to see this restored to how it was, along with other BG's that would take hours to do, or maybe even put things like the original AV in the actual world for players to battle back and forth bringing the re-emergance of world pvp.

For those that don't like long battles, simply remove it from the random que and let those of us that want to have fun do so!
Its not that people want fast battles, they want fast honour. Simply make it so 50 minutes in AV gives the same honour as however many equivalent bgs that would be.
I don't necessarily want long hours in AV. I would like to see it be a battleground where you actually pvp. Not just run to the end. It's very depressing when I only get a couple hks. (I'm talking about on any character, not just my priest) I am a huge fan of massive battles. I squee with joy if there is a turtle. It would be okay with me as well if they took it out of the randoms.
WoW has nothing but small pvp!

Where are the HUGE battles like what you expect in a real WAR type setting? I'm sick of 10v10 capture the flag, that is not a true battle!

Just give us one big battle style map blizzard!
I'd just as soon remove all the NPCs, and replace the bosses with a flag - similar to the bunkers/towers, that takes longer to cap based on how many bunkers/towers that are still up. Requiring the opposing faction to be the first and final defense. Y'know, because it's PvP, and not basically questing on a PvP server - which is how AV is now.

With NPCs that require a group to kill, it promotes and encourages PvP. The reason this isn't currently seen in AV is because of the lack of said NPCs. When there's 20 players waiting outside Drek/Vann, the other team isn't going to send 20 of their own back to base. However, 4-5 elite NPCs guarding the towers and graveyards, immune to fear/stun/CC, would stop these zergs. Players would be able to heal the guards and fight alongside them. Since you can't just run in and cap the node (like currently), the other team has time to assist.

Sadly, Blizzard has made it very clear they have no idea what the players want when they officially stated "we think players don't want to spend more than ~20 minutes per battleground". It's not like it would be difficult or time consuming to update AV's NPCs (since that's really the primary key to it all).

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