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05/11/2012 02:10 PMPosted by Rhoder
But I have a question - What was the point of taking down enemy towers back then? Was the only reason to have the guards defending the boss removed?

It also gave your captian/leader guy an extra warmaster. And it was usually a requirement to take them all out before the final fight.

If I remember right, if you took all of the enemy towers down and defended all of yours, there would be 8 total.. Correct me if im wrong. been a long time since it was that way obviously.

They could be single pulled back then.
05/09/2012 11:03 PMPosted by Fenril
I don't have a printer to print the form or I would print them out by the dozens

WTS pen, cheap.

Edit: Instead of purely being a smartass, I'll add something constructive.
Always have and still do support Foury in his charge. I'm for the model that would make (separate queue) AV 2-3 hours-ish. Something that feels akin to raiding in terms of duration and challenge. PvE gets their quick heroics and their longer more epic feeling raids. PvP gets our quick BGs and... quick non-PvP BGs... Even the world BGs, that are basically scheduled instead of queue when you want, don't last more than 20-30 mins at best.
Do all PvE players want to raid?
Not necessarily, but it's a longer and more challenging version of that playstyle, there if they chose to do it.
Do all PvP players want a 3 hour battle?
Not necessarily, but we have no choice. That, to me, is the key problem. While I will never try to say someone's opinion shouldn't count, I don't think the people against this have a real argument. That's the thing with choices, you get one too, and you can chose not to queue. What about me?
Wargames between like-minded individuals would seem to solve this problem without requiring a code overhaul.
It wouldn't take much to make AV epic again.

And it doesn't have to last 17 hours and junk either. 1-2 hours is fine, plenty of time to summon riders, Calvary charge, etc.

Oh, and make a separate queue. Caverns of Time: Alterac Valley Battleground

And if put in random, no penalty if you leave before the game starts.
I want alliance to have to run for 3 seconds before they can mount, just like the horde.
why would someone report this? Necro, sure, but this is a very well written thread and deserves to be addressed- I won't, and that's fine.

If I hadn't already /liked I would.

It's really only a necro if it's not a valid thread anymore, such as something about a bug back in 4.1 that has already been fixed.
Save the Clocktower!
I support this thread. I'm hoping to have the epic battles of the past AV.
I don't like necro threads, but, for the first time, I found one that deserves it.
God I miss old AV. Put Leuitenants back in the towers, keep the reinforcements but move it up to like 2000 or so, double the honor as an incentive across the board.
Remember when the Snowfall Graveyard was full of elite trolls?
This is AV...... 15 min que for ally... 5 min win. Yes they win alot, but 15 min que... From 48seconds random que = Ally know its a pee easy win... Come Call of Arms time.

Horde 1 min que... 5 min loss... Ally think Horde are lossing this match... But infact, we are ''winning'' We lvl are alts so quick in last season gear that we can pretty much Gear one whole toon in last seasons pvp gear... Just from one Call to Arms weekend.
rip av D:
Good necro

Also, old AV > crapfest current AV
06/14/2014 10:49 PMPosted by Retsdontheal
Good necro

I agree. TBH I would love 17 hour AV's so long as it was a part of a separate que. WvWvW was the only thing I felt Guild Wars 2 really got right. The endless PvP battles, having to complete quests/objectives to win, the huge map and amount of players from each server. Bringing something similar to WoW (In the form of old AV) me thinks would be awesome.

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