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11/08/2011 05:43 AMPosted by Devnull
It's been tried and failed.

There was a failed letter-writing campaign to convince Blizzard to bring back Classic AV?

Seriously folks, don't just post your support. If you truly want to save AV you need to take 5 minutes and send the letter. One letter is worth hundreds of forum posts.
I'll send a letter. Classic AV was my favorite moment in WoW's history and returning it would turn me into a lifetime subscriber.

The AV we have now is effectively the same thing, but with weaker NPCs and a resource system that forces people to play rather than turtle.

Play?, how the hell is running the opposing base, and afking till the towers drop, ending the game with less than a total of 10 kills, FOR A 40v40 BG. playing?

And as for all the people saying' but I dont want to play 17 hour AVs.

THEN DONT. You do not HAVE to.

IF you HAVE to you need some serious mental help.

Derp of course it's still playing, it's just not "PvP". You're still playing the game game against another team. Besides not all games of AV are races. The point was, you won't see 17 hour AV games even if they do change it back, because the majority of the playerbase understand the BG now.

Anyway I would play classic AV because I used to enjoy it. But trying to defend the point of it having games that went for hours or even days isn't helping anyone's cause, because in reality they were dud games, and most of them only went on for that long because the people who knew what was up would leave and join a different AV that actually had a chance of winning.

ahhhhh angry tree!
I will send in a copy of this :)
I don't think the nay sayers saw the part about AV being taken out of the random rotation, I fully support this btw OP, GLORY TO THE OLD ALTERAC VALLEY.

EDIT: liked and sticky requested
Dont just like or sticky request,.

Send the letter :P
50c for a stamp and envelope.
11/08/2011 05:53 AMPosted by Twinkyman
whenever i play AV i try to hang in the armor scraps etc. because I've never actually witnessed what happens when the reinforcements come in :(

There are probably tons of players who never actually saw this happen. I bet alot of people don't even know what the armor scraps are for.

Blizzard can make a "Classic" version and a "Modern" version. It's not like this has never been suggested before.

We can call it "AV Generations"!

I see what you did there.....while we're at it let's add a new power up item to the mix to help destroy the other team with. We're call them Chaos Emeralds :P

All joking aside I'm glad to see Foury is still at this. Once I get paid at the end of the week you can fully expect me to be sending out this letter. I'll let my friends that play WoW know as well ^_~
How about middle ground. 17 hour bg is bad but something needs to be done about Alterac Valley.

I would like to see a BIG DOOR in front of Vann & Drek that does not go away until the resource points are gone. Means resource points are important again, players have to capture / defend ALL towers, mines are important.
I so miss old AV.

About three weeks ago a ten box horde shaman forced a turtle. It was so much fun, we summoned the druids and almost summoned Ivus, unfortunately we couldn't get two more people to come to the Field of Strife to click.

Haven't seen that old guy for years.

I don't care if I get less honor or rewards for AV. I just want my old AV back!
I agree and want this.. MAKE IT HAPPEN BLIZZARD!
Maybe they need to remove AV as a battleground altogether.

Instead... make it the first 'Campaign'. A PvP game that is designed to last longer than a traditional BG and with more facets to the experience.
11/07/2011 10:59 PMPosted by Duskwhisper
one particular AV i was lasted 17 hours

This isn't a good thing. Trust me on this.

I know. 4 day AV's were better.
Maybe they need to remove AV as a battleground altogether.

Instead... make it the first 'Campaign'. A PvP game that is designed to last longer than a traditional BG and with more facets to the experience.

So in order of length and complexity: Arena, Battleground, Campaign.

This is likely to be a far more effective method of getting attention than the Adopt-A-Turtle campaign as the latter was pretty much just antagonising a large proportion of the player base with no real impact on the developers.

Hopefully people do actually pick up on this (looking especially at you, North Americans).

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