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My name is Zatz and I approve this thread.
11/08/2011 02:28 AMPosted by Vaelkyri

This isn't a good thing. Trust me on this.

You may be thinking it was a good thing back in the day, but why would one want to waste so much time on a stalemate?

Becasue it was fun, this is a GAME, games are about wasting time on fun. Not farmrng for te epik lootz.

How bout that...some just dont get that *shakes head* tee hee
Im all for buffing AV.

Im also for the removal of strands

Strand of the Siege Tanks? Yeah, I could do without that one. And Isle of Wallquest, let's take that one out as well. Then I won't have to risk deserter when i queue for random.

"A 'Brief' History of Alterac Valley"
"Why Isn't AV Fun Anymore?"
They need to restore AV to it's former glory or just remove it all together. In it's current state it's nothing more then an honor farm that has nubs crying any time pvp actually occurs in it.
This just makes me sad that I never did PvP when I had the chance to experience the older AV.

I have to admit though, the first few times you get into AV it can be hugely intimidating to not have any idea what to do because there is so much you can do. (aside from zerg rush that is) I only recently found out what to do with blood and armor, still have no idea where to turn in the flesh. Only once have I been in a game where people have played it in a more classic style and I loved it! It didn't feel so much like a race where one of our towers was assaulted 3 seconds before theirs at the beginning so everyone just give up and let them win.

I would rather have the chance to experience the old AV (though I'm not sure I want a 17 hour BG, but I like the idea of it being on par with a PvE raid in length) then have another Tol Barad or Winter Grasp. I did enjoy WG way more than TB currently.
Personally i think AV should be changed to a happy medium.
I think the original length was too long, but something akin to 1-2 hours perhaps?
That is still long, provides more time for interesting strategies (the quests could be changed to suit this game length) and still lets people complete the thing in one go.
11/08/2011 02:37 AMPosted by Hackur
Deathknights has effectively killed turtle defense cos how can you turtle when a squad of them pulls your defenders away 1 by 1?

You station priests to pull them back up :p
I know some people are concerned with the battles taking too long. The thing to keep in mind is that AV was originally designed to award honor over time. It was the end game raid of the pvp world. You don't have to stay in the battle for 17 hours :p. That's why there are so many ways to gain honor in AV, to make it rewarding without a win. 17hour fights is a small price to pay for the joy of organizing a group of ranged to shoot down the enemy air force on the run while still fighting off enemy players. Or having high rep players summon a mounted charge that arrives just when you need it. Or fighting for control of the middle just to summon your ultimate unit and rallying behind it. I'd wait for hours to get into AV back then and even ditched raids (with their understanding and blessing) when the opportunity came up.
Of course we will hear how with so many changes over time (AV), it would be near impossible for Blizzard devs to revert AV back to it's original greatness.

BUT - There are alternatives
The main issue is the Epic BG's intended game play is simply being bypassed in favour of running straight to the boss for an easy PvE kill, netting fast Honor and Conquest (6-8 minute) without engaging in any PvP at all.

Q: How do you ask the playerbase to play the BG content as entended?
A: YOU DON'T ASK! - You design the game with mechanics that inforce the necessity of attending to, and progressing the intended objectives.

You want towers/bunkers to play a role in progressing the BG? Simple;

- Put Up A Gate at the entrance of DB (at the chokepoint town side of the bridge), and a Gate between the walls at the chokepoint entrance to FW.
- Capturing, and burning the teams 2 field towers destroys the Gate, and allows you to progress into the Keep.

Done. No more bypassing all the intended gameplay of the most Epic BG, and running straight to the PvE boss for an un-deserved income of PvP Honor and Conquest points.

There you have it, simple design which encourages intended game play.
Foury, I could not agree with you more. While I certainly have hopes that one day Blizzard will make AV the epic "PvP raid" it's supposed to be, my expectations are depressingly low.

By their own admission, they'd rather pour their considerable resources into a creating a frivolous and highly redundant pet battle system from whole cloth -- an isolated system that provides no benefit, progression or advancement for the player, is neither PvE nor PvP and therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with playing one's class, and is the very definition of "busy work" -- than even attempt to restore this grand old battleground to something resembling its former glory.

And to all those with questionable reading ability complaining that they do not want the return of 17-hour AVs, go back and read posts #1 and #2 again. The idea is to remove it from the random BG rotation and have it last the length of a typical PvE raid, not an entire day. It's about injecting PvP back into AV, and making the battlefield objectives something worth fighting for again.
01/19/2012 11:34 AMPosted by Draksyen
Necroing old threads will get your hand slapped... For 7 days.

From the "Welcome! Please Read!" sticky at the top of the forums:
Do not "bump" posts.

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called "necro bumping" or "necroing").

Emphasis mine. Reznov's post was on-topic and certainly not spamming nor "for no reason". The post just prior to his was within two weeks, not very old.

In fact, the only substantial gap in the entire thread is from 1/5/2012 to today, otherwise it's been mostly continuous.

It has been a while since the last post but I would love to see old AV. It was the bomb! The should mix the old and the new, by keeping the reinforcements but raising it to like 1500 instead of having 500. That would extend the game to about 1-3 hours i would say, but they need some kind of incentive like extra honor points for being there at the end, or playing the whole game. The games would be long enough to enjoy but they would eventually end.

I am completely for old Alterac Valley!

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