mass layoffs at blizz

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So what? thats what you get for working in such a high turnover industry.

I worked for EA Sports in 2001 and 2002. They did the exact same thing back then, this isn't anything new.

I say 'would-be' Hardcore, because the true Hardcore don't care what anyone else is doing, or wearing.

I'm not hardcore. I'm nowhere close. I didn't get 6/7 FL until after the nerf, and I stopped playing before my guild got anywhere close to downing Ragnaros.

That said, while I agree that the people who are really doing it for the challenge don't care what anyone else is doing, I also think the people who were mad about a nerfed Firelands have a valid point.

The difficulty level they enjoyed was taken away several weeks before they were given new, harder content to try.

11/08/2011 07:12 AMPosted by Skiltvakten
This makes no sense. Blizzard is swimming in money. If they need to do a mass layoff, then i fear for the rest of the game industry.

One day you'll realize corporations aren't about "people" It's about maximizing profit as much as possible to make the rich richer..

Don't ever trust a corporation, especially a big one.
A big Asteroid is going to crash into the earth tonight because of the Blizzard layoffs.


The sad part, OP, is that you're serious. Stuff happens, the economy is still tanking, and every company is taking a hit. The more subscribers that lose jobs, the more their revenue drops as a result.

Also, just a gentle reminder that this game is 7 years old this month. While it is STILL a GREAT game, for many people it is losing its luster. It's just a fact of gaming life.

Having said that, I am VERY sorry to hear of any layoffs for anybody ever. It's never a good situation no matter how business leaders try to spin it.
11/08/2011 07:00 AMPosted by Gurlnextdoor
The only reason I would think they would be, is because of the economy really :(

A bad economy actually favors subscription-based games to an extent. Sure, if people can't put food on the table, their WoW subscription will have to go. But if they are looking to slash some of their entertainment budget, a WoW subscription is a lot more affordable than anything else. A movie ticket alone is close to 15 euro. A dinner for two - 50 euro if you're keeping it modest, although around 80 euro is probably more common. Maybe prices are lower overseas, but it's hard to beat a WoW subscription in terms of volume of entertainment (calculated in hours) versus price.

So I'm willing to bet that a lot of people would rather just get movies off Usenet, learn to cook, and keep their WoW subscription because it offers the most value in the long run.

The lay-offs could be due to simple corporate greed ("we'll just make 3 people do the work of 5") or to a genuine loss of income. Some decisions they've made in Cataclysm haven't been the friendliest to a lot of people.
11/08/2011 07:03 AMPosted by Ravenhawke
This is a standard process, people, take a xanax and chill. Jeez. Corporations do this all the time. Blizz's not going belly up.
11/08/2011 07:12 AMPosted by Skiltvakten
This makes no sense. Blizzard is swimming in money. If they need to do a mass layoff, then i fear for the rest of the game industry.

Corporations swimming in lakes full of money do this all the time.
Crap what the hell!? This is really bad news but they had it comming making the game easy is never the best way to go. To be honest it should be much harder then it is now. SO WHAT casuals will complain but oh well you are having people leave because the game isnt immersing enough isnt challenging enough. To be honest I was LOVING the new dungeons at the start of cata it felt like it was going back to vanilla times but then it got hit with the BLOODY nerfbat. I still enjoy it but I remember when it used to take months to level a toon to max level not 1 week

Sorry, kiddo, but it was the 'increased' difficulty that changed LK into Cata. And why they lost 900k subs in the first six months. It was the difficulty that chased most of the part-time players away.

Oh, but I can't know that, right? Yeah, except they're going 'back' to LK difficulty and they wouldn't be doing that if the current difficulty level was a hit with the player base.

I know this is hard to grasp, but stick with me. Most Players Don't Want To Be Frustrated By A Game. They want to face-roll with a 'bit' of difficulty. Just enough to feel accomplished.

In short, people want to WIN. And in Cata, all too often, people didn't WIN at all. Certainly not compared to LK content.

Which is why MOP is going back to LK difficulty. Which is why they nerfed the everloving 'crap' out of FL out of nowhere.

They're frantically tuning difficulty down in order to try and lure players back, and the would-be Hardcore players are howling with anger.

I say 'would-be' Hardcore, because the true Hardcore don't care what anyone else is doing, or wearing.

I'm a hardcore player and they chased me away, I've been unsubbed the past 6 months and only just came back. Heroic/raid mechanics were the only thing I enjoyed this expac until they were nerfed, everything else had it's depth removed. Even the raid layouts were lackluster and don't compare to Ulduar or even Naxx. I don't understand how you can argue this game is difficult when your hand is held all the way from 1-85. Even WotLK provided players more choice in terms of character progression. Healing was great in the beginning of this expansion, until they buffed all my spells and returned to the wrath model.
Do understand, that at times, firings are not done to save money.

Firings are done to clear out those that they feel are dragging the rest down. Or aren't performing to standards.

Sometimes, firings are done to send a message, to punish a whole department, to say 'Shape up or you'll be next.'

The timing of these firings suggests to me that they're preemptively firing people that they can blame for 'bad direction' and the loss of subs in Q3 and inform the stockholders that they've made corrective measures.
11/08/2011 06:54 AMPosted by Dreary
See, if you guys had listened to me instead of trivializing the leveling experience, talent trees, homogenizing classes, and for the most part dumbing down all the depth this game used to have, you wouldn't be in this mess.

Making leveling harder and more time consuming does not make Blizzard immune to economic troubles posed by a rough and turbulent global economy.
Considering it was a lead designer of Titan and a few Diablo people...

This doesn't sound like a money issue at all. Stop interpreting everything Blizzard does as a sign of the end times. The article doesn't even mention WoW once.

"Mass layoffs" my !@#.
OH Yeah because everything you see online is real
I love forums where many opinions come together.

Unfortunately, you often get a lot of completely unintelligent opinions, and they seem to become the strongest, even if they are wrong. It spreads like wild fire. One person with an uninformed opinion draws a completely unintelligent and inconsiderate opinion, and then 50 or 60 people read that person's opinion and conclude that it makes sense without doing any research themselves. It just spreads, and frankly it's unfair. It explains why people with the loudest voice on forums often follow a generic, somewhat socially liberal viewpoint: capitalism is wrong, religion is wrong, all companies exist to reward the few and enslave the many, etc, etc, etc. And off of these generalizations come things like the responses in this thread.

Layoffs are made to preserve the company. Why? Because you can layoff, say, 10 people and save the company, or the entire company can down the drain and suddenly 500 people have absolutely no job, no benefits, and unemployment won't be enough.

No, layoffs do not benefit the guys at the top, because the guys at the top are paid their salary, stock options, and benefits by the investors, not the directly from the revenue made by the company.

Yes, layoffs DO reflect well on the guys at the top. Why? Because they preserved the company while doing what they could to minimize the damage, both monetary and personal for the employees.

Believe it or not, the guys at the top have an obligation to keep employees and to keep them happy. But when times get tough, the guys at the top have to look at the best decision. One that benefits the company as a whole (employees, products, reputation, profitability, and company future).

Some of you people are so clueless about this stuff and are so quick to draw the quickest conclusion, not the smartest conclusion. Bobby Kotick won't make more because of the layoffs, and I challenge anyone to take these layoffs (if they are really layoffs at all and not just people deciding to move on from Blizzard) and make a direct and incontrovertible connection to Bobby Kotick making more money. Layoffs do not imply pay raises for executives. If anything, given how stupid and nervous investors are these days, seeing layoffs may be motivation to pull out from Blizzard, which would mean pay CUTS for executives.

Grow up, people. Stop with American hate, stop with the poor reasoning, stop listening to the media, and go learn about this stuff for yourself. Jesus christ.

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