mass layoffs at blizz

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11/08/2011 07:01 AMPosted by Razpuitan
Doing some research I found one of the employees mentioned listed their employed dates from Jan 00 to Jan 01. So I'm not sure how current those articles are.

So basicly they laid off the newer people before they knew if WoW was going to be a success or not.
I don't think you understand what depth means.

Let's just take your "trivializing the leveling experience" claim for example. First of all, the 1-85 leveling experience is not shorter than it was for 1-60 during vanilla. Quest text has not changed in any significant fashion. Aside from introducing an entirely new experience with the addition of new quest designs, the only significant change that the cataclysm leveling overhaul brought was to get rid of long errand-boy quests and make leveling a more linear, intuitive experience.

If you think traveling from Gadgetzan to Ratchet to Stormwind and back was depth, well, I'm not quite sure how to respond to you.

Depth was choosing which quests to take and figuring out the shortest route to completing them. All that is done for you now. Now you never have more then 3-4 quests at a time, all in one little area, the mobs are so far apart that you never risk overpulling, they're all virtually one-shotable, and you end up outlevelling entire zones before you're even done with half the quests. It's not good design.

Okay, so I get that it's easy...FOR YOU. But, the game has to be tailored to fit the largest number of players, meaning they're catering to the lowest common denominator.

Clickers and slow people. Kids and stoners. People who aren't going to be up to challenging content as they level up through 1-85. This game is tailored to fit as many people as possible, so that means the people who are smarter, faster, keybinders and such, are GOING TO HAVE AN EASIER TIME OF IT.

Take off half your gear. Melee as a Mage. Make your own challenge if you want a challenge while leveling.

But, don't expect them to make the game challenging or difficult as a default when that just chases away new players.
That is most definitely not a mass layoff. When they fire 100+ people, I might think they're in trouble, but they're not. Blizzard is making more money than ever. More than likely, these people were dragging down departments and hindering development.

I'm a hardcore player and they chased me away, I've been unsubbed the past 6 months and only just came back. Heroic/raid mechanics were the only thing I enjoyed this expac until they were nerfed, everything else had it's depth removed. Even the raid layouts were lackluster and don't compare to Ulduar or even Naxx. I don't understand how you can argue this game is difficult when your hand is held all the way from 1-85. Even WotLK provided players more choice in terms of character progression.

And yet for as easy as you say it is, you haven't done anything in those raids. You've only beaten BOT once, no Throne, no BWD, no FL.

And you only came back 'now'? After everything has been nerfed? And yet, you only enjoy Heroic Raid content that you haven't done?


I didn't say heroic raids, i said heroics/raids. mostly heroics though, raiding takes too long.
Pretty much this.

Im sad anyone loses their job... but Blizz is an American company, and in typical American style, they will fire and !@#$ on 700 ppl so their top executives make 201k a year instead of 200k a year.


Activision Blizzard, Inc., formerly Activision, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI) is the American holding company for Activision and Blizzard Entertainment. The company is majority owned by French conglomerate Vivendi SA and was created through the merger of Activision and Vivendi Games, announced on December 2, 2007,[3] in a deal worth USD$18.8 billion.[4] The deal closed July 9, 2008. The company believed that the merging of the two companies would create "the world's largest and most subtle pure-play video game publisher".[5] It believes that it is the only publisher that has "leading market positions across all categories" of the video game industry. ( this goes on to talk about the layoffs as well )

It is OWNED by the FRENCH. Like most industries, just because they are on any countries soil, they are usually owned by an over seas company. Kinda like China owns a good chunk of the USA already. Get your heads out of the dark ages my american friends.
Maybe because people got tired of running ZA/ZG everyday, so someone had to pay.
Out of boredom I went to Blizzard's site to look at career opportunities. There's 147 available positions at the Irvine office. >.> I know they're not all WoW related, but I've never seen that swell of a job offering roster for a development company.
11/08/2011 07:31 AMPosted by Scrimm
You don't know what you're talking about. The guys that built WoW now work on Titan. This guy was a 10 year veteran of Blizzard, which means that along with losing the 30 guys who made Diablo 1 and 2, those of us that loved the old Blizzard games are now getting games built by totally different people.

And? If they can't keep up that level of excellence in Titan, they get the boot. And that's exactly what happened. You don't keep someone hired just because they did a good job once even though they can't recreate it.

In fact, over half of those laid off were all listed at Titan people.

I don't know why you people are trying to turn this into a hardcore vs casual or 'WoW is dying!' debate, but this has nothing to do with WoW sales at all. As another poster noted, profits are up. This is nothing more than a few bad apples being pruned or yet another Titan downsizing (there was one already during the final legs of SC2).
11/08/2011 07:31 AMPosted by Scrimm
Considering it was a lead designer of Titan and a few Diablo people...

You don't know what you're talking about. The guys that built WoW now work on Titan. This guy was a 10 year veteran of Blizzard, which means that along with losing the 30 guys who made Diablo 1 and 2, those of us that loved the old Blizzard games are now getting games built by totally different people.

The players I know leaving the game aren't 'facebookers' they are veteran mmo players and Blizz fans. They want indepth story, challenging gameplay (including solo gameplay judging by what other games they purchase), more instant pvp and mmo-style pvp, and progress in graphics.

the idea of blizz fireing people that help make them what they are makes me worried about anything else thats done by the company
I question the validity of data presented in this article. They state people who have had left blizzard for long time now..

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