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Screen pitch black. A set of eyes opens. One eye is a glowing deep ice blue and the other is glowing deep blood red. Words ring out saying "Illidan failed. Arthas the Lich King was slain. Deathwing the Destroyer was defeated. One will stand. One will be victorious. One will reek havoc on the living world. They will tremble more than ever. They will tremble in Fear." You hear everything start to tremble, fall apart, clink and clash. You hear someone rise from sitting. He starts walking to somewhere. With every step he takes, every thing trembles and the ground cracks. After a few seconds, the screen gets bright dark/light blue and he sees over a balcony and he sees the Realm of the Afterlife, the Underworld. He over sees an army like no other. As the screen fades away, you hear " I will have my revenge." It phases to the real world. Then it shows a clip of a Necromancer in combat and then Bone Claws come from the ground and roots his enemy. The Necromancer uses Bone Spear and quickly finishes his enemy off and uses the dead body to Raise a Skeleton Mage. Then Fades out to pitch black one again.


After the events at Angrathar the Wrath Gate, the deaths of Bolvar Fordragon and Dranosh Saurfang, and the Battle for the Undercity, they killed Grand Aprothecay Putress. His soul went to the Afterlife. He wondered the Underworld for a long while. He goes to the Capital City of (Big City of Death) and he finds the Arch-lord of Death , (Bad Guy) .(Bad Guy) offers Putress enternal life and untold power. Its an offer he can't refuse. The task is to crupt the Underworld. In doing so, he makes an Army of the Corrupt and turns the Underworld into chaos. He gets granted his life and his body back. He gets the ability to phase between The Underworld and the Physical World to do his Master's bidding. He uses Dark Magic and summons Death Gates around the world. Putress orders his Army of the Corrupt to go though the Death Gates and tries to take over the Living World. Putress's Army of the Corrupt is twice as big as The Scourge and The Burning Legion put together. Now the two Worlds are colliding as the horrors from the underneath start to emerge. Fellow Heros of Azroth, only you can stop the Apocalypse which is nearing.

New End Boss
(Bad Guy) Level ???

New Content
The Underworld

New Zones
Level 91-92 ?????????
Level 92-93 ?????????
Level 93-94 ?????????
Level 94-95 ?????????

New City
(Big city of Death)

Level Cap raised to 95

No New Races
Due to the pattern Blizzard already has. (ex BC - Blood Elves and Draenei, WOTLK - Death Knight Hero Class, CATA - Worgen and Goblins,)

New Class Necromancer

100's of New Quests, Weapons, Items and Armor
New Instances, 10 - 25 Man Raids, and Battlegrounds

Special Battlegrounds
The classics Warsong Gulch(CTF), Arathi Basin(Resources), Alterac Valley(Kill General), Eye of the Storm(Conquest) ect, plus a new Style called Domination. It a battleground where The Horde and Alliance has a temporary peace treaty with each other to fight against the apposing (Bad Guys).(I know its not the normal PVP but I think it would add a difference to how you play and it could be interesting)

when you die you go talk to a Spirit Healer at level 85 it will give you a quest the quest is you go to somewhere secrad and you have to fight a Val'lyr before you enter the area you are phased so you can fight the Val'lyr, after you defete it, it will grant you Rtie of Spirital Passage Rite of Spirital Passage is needed to enter the Afterlife it is a passive ablity just like your Riding Skill and Cold Weather Flying after you gain the Rite of Spirital Passage you are ported to the Spirit Healer it asks you if you want to go to the afterlife now or later it is your decsion to do so if you choose to do so, a loading screen will apear (lol) the Afterlife will look like when your dead...but with phasing and some color...theres spirits of everything ever killed it is amazing beautiful you see spirits that are at rest and peaceful and you see spirits that are not

There are alot of good RPG's and alot of bad RPG's. The good RPGs stand out due to certin stuff. Most of the time, its the classes in the game that make the game. Alot of the good RPGs have a certin class, that makes then worth playing. And that class is the Necromancer. WOW dosnt have this class. Im not saying its not worth playing, im just saying it would be better. I have an idea for the Necromancer class for WOW

Back in the first War, Gul'dan and his Necrolytes founded a skill to Raise Skeletons and Undead. They called this skill Necromancy. That was a long time ago.

It first started out to be a next Core Class, but I might change it to a Hero Class later on. **I changed it to a Hero Class for my World of Warcraft - Afterlife Expansion Idea so no Race restrictions. If not a Hero Class, then the Race Restrictions apply.**

The Humans thought they mastered the Magic Arts. Little did they know that there was a Magic Art that they didnt know about until something went amiss and something grave got unleashed.

Before they got curses, they were still Humans. They were Mages, Warlocks and Necromancers. Even after the curse, they decided to keep studing them. Some became Druids to try to find a Cure. Some still looked into the Dark Arts. Some for Revenge, Some for a Cure through Death.

A Darweven Clan studied the Chaos Energy and Demonlogy. Some seeked more than to command the Summons of the Warlock. Some seeked to command the Death. Those who seeked to command Death were outcasted. Some prooved themselves worthy of joining the clan for the non crupt.


Gul'dan, to say, founded Necrology so it got passed on for generations and generations.

The Orcs Shared the Infromation with their Brotheren, the Trolls.

The Lich King had a lot of power over the Warlocks and the Necromancers. His regin ended and his power over them dwindled to nothing. They decided to turn on The Lich King.

Wands, Daggers, Maces, Unarmed, Swords and Duel Wield at Level 20

Cloth, Leather at level 20, Chain at level 40

Basic attack spell. Dose good damage but takes health to cast. Level 1 Bone Shard will deal X damage while you take X damage also. The Bone Spells come in AOE Spells also. Level 14 Bone Claw will Stun and Snare Target for Y time while you take X damage ECT. Basic spells for damage. Deals good damage but at the cost of Health.

Level 1 Bone Shard Shoots the target for X Damage Takes Z health to cast

Level 6 Bone Spike Shoots the target for X Damage with a 50% Bleed Affect. ( 50% it hits you get the affect, 50% it hits it dosnt get the affect) Takes Z Health to cast

Level 10 Bone Claw Snares target for Y time. Takes Z Health to cast

Level 18 Bone Blast Channeled Blasts the target X Damage over Y Seconds Takes Z Health to cast

Level 23 Bone Barrage AOe All targets within W Radis deals X Damage for Y Time. Takes Z Health to cast

Level ?? Bone Armor Raises Armor by ?? Lasts until cancelled. Takes Z health to cast

If your finishing blow with a Bone Spell kills something/someone then you gain a 50% chance to pick up a Bone Regimnt. The main idea of Bone Regiments (Bone Shards) are for example...your main Skeleton have some Bones at your can make a simple Minion for the time being...until you are able to raise your Skeleton/Abomination. Once Raised ur Skeleton, your minion dies. 5 Bone Shards = 1 Bone 10 Bones = 1 Body 3 Skull Shards = 1 Skull 1 Body + 1 Skull = Minion Bone Shards are verry uncommon,so they drop alot. You can also buy a special Bone Bag for your invenotry. you can experiment with diffrent small minions for a diffrent minion play. ;) Also, some Spells costs Bone Shards along with the normal Health

Curses and Plagues

When you think of Curses, you think of Warlock's Curses. Necromancer's Cruses work diffrently than Warlock's Cruses. When you Curse something, the Curse is only at 1/2 power. To maximize the power of the Curse, you need a Plague. The Curses are a catalyst for the Plagues. For Ex, When you cast Curse of Inpending Doom, then cast Plague of the Demon, the Curse will have added power along with the effects of Plague of the Demon. No two Curses and Plagues will act the same. Meaning NO two Curses will have the same outcome as another Curse on a Plague. And vice-versa.


The basic DPS spells. When you cast a Curse, it will do only do 1/2 damage. To get the full affect, you need to cast a Plague. The plague adds the other 1/2 damage.

Level 1 Curse Curse of 1 DPS Deals X Damage for Y Seconds

Level 5 Curse Curse of 2 Slow Slows target for Y Time

Level 9 Curse Curse of 3 Snare Snares the target for Y Time

Level 14 Curse Curse of 4 Lifesteal Deals X Damage for Y Time and returning it to you

Level 17 Curse Curse of 5 Manasteal Deals X Damage to Mana for Y Time and retrning it to you JUST USING FOR EXAMPLE


The other 1/2 of the DPS. Level 3 Plague Plague of 1 DPS Deals Additional X Damage for Y Seconds

Level 7 Plague Plague of 2 Fear Makes Target run away in Fear for Y Seconds

Level 11 plague Plague of 3 Stun Stuns Target for Y Seconds

Level 15 Plague Plague of 4 Manasteal Steals targets mana and transfers it to you

Level 17 Plague Plague of 5 Lifesteal Steals Targets life and transfers to you REMEMBER!!! THIS IS ONLY FOR EXAMPLE!!!

You can use Curse of 2 Slow with Plague of 1 DPS to have a total affect of Slow Target for Y Seconds while Target takes X Damage for Y Seconds or Curse of 3 Snare with Plague of 4 Lifesteal for an affect of Steal X Health for Y Time while Snare for Z Time returning health to you... thats just a few types of Curses and Plagues you will get. Remember that the Curses and Plagues i used were for EXAMPLE to better explane the Curse and Plague mechanics it sounds like the Warlock Life tap, Mana Tap, Fear, and what not but its not...i used as EXAMPLE


Raise Undead/Skeleton

Your main Raise Spells.

Raise Skeleton Fighter

The weekest of the Skeleton types. He is Malee starting out with an Old Dagger. When the Skeleton levels up, he will gain new Weapon Proficiencies. To use them, the Necromancer will need the required weapon of choice. You will equip the Skeleton with the required weapon. When the Skeleton dies, he wont loose the weaopn he has. Gained at Level 1

Raise Skeleton Ranger

The normal one of the Skeleton types. He is Range DPS. As he levels up, he will gain new Shots/Stings. When you first Raise him, he only has 100 Arrows and an Old Bow. You will need to equip him with stronger Arrows and Bows, just like how you equip the Skeleton Fighter. Gained at Level 7

Raise Skeleton Mage

The strongest of the Skeleton types. He is Magic DPS and uses Unholy or/and Chaos Energy. As he levels up, he gains new and stronger spells. Gained at level 16

Raise Abomination

Your main pet.


Normal malee with some magic spells.

Bone Graff

When you kill something, you hightlight the corpse and you click Bone Graff. A paper doll status equip screen will come up. You will choose between Head, Top Torso, Right Arm, Left Arm, Bottom Torso, Right Leg, Left Leg and Tail. You will highligh one of them. When you do, you will exit the screen and your Abomination will be permanetly altered. Bone Graff will change the stats and ablities.

Skin Graff

Same as above. Same paper doll status equip screem come up. But insted of changing/altering of stats, it will change/alter the appearence for a more special talk on the Abomination

Class Mount

Gained at level 20 for 1 Gold and also teaches them the 75 Riding Skill

Level 20 Raises a Rotting Agam'ar with more bone showing. ;) 60% Riding Speed

Level 40 Raises a really fast Rotting Agam'ar with even more bone showing :) 100% Riding Speed Cost 2 Gold



Makes Bone Spells more effecent while casting costs less health
41 Talent

Bone _____??

Damages Target for X Damage 25% Chance of Fear 10 seconds 25% Chance of Snare 10 seconds 25% Chance of Stun 10 seconds 25% Chance of Slow 10 seconds
51 Talent

Bone Golum

Raises a Bone Golum to fight by your side for Y Seconds. Takes 30-40% of total Health to cast. When Raised, Bone Golum will use own Bone Spells. All attacks that hit from the Bone Golum will add to your Health. Same as you, when he casts a Bone Spell, it reduces its health. When its health gets to 0, he Explodes ;) dealing AOE Damage


Focus of Curses and Plagues
41 Talent

Curse of the Elements?

Dps that dose Nature, Ice, Fire and Shock Damage
51 Talent

Plague of ??



Deals with your Skeletons and Abomination
41 Talent

Raise Undead Pet

You kill an animal, you Raise Undead version of it. Only Melee pets or something of the sort.
51 Talent

Skeleton Army

Level 1 you Raise 1 Skeleton Level 30 you Raise 2 Skeletons Level 60 you Raise 3 Skeletons Level 90 you raise 4 Skeletons
The Trade Off

When you have 1 Skeleton Raised, it dose normal 100% Damage. When you have 2 Skeletons Raised, it scales down to 50% and 50% Damage When you have 3 Skeletons Raised, it scales down to 30% 30% 30% Damage When you have 4 Skeletons Raised, it scales down to 25% 25% 25% 25% Damage So when a Necromancer with 4 Skeletons comes to a Necromancer with 1 Skeleton, the Necro with 4 Skeletons isnt overpowered
I wasn't aware you were able to make posts this large.

A) We still haven't covered more mortal concerns, such as the Burning Legion itself. All we've done is cut them off from Outland and maybe gave them a bit of a bloody nose, but they're sure as heck not defeated or done for. Not by a long shot. A return to Argus seems necessary in this, which would be nice for Draenei. Well, kinda.

B) Your Necromancer pitch treads old ground that both the Death Knight and the Warlock have covered. Curses and undead minions? Each class has a very distinct theme, and a necromancer is far from that when compared to a Death Knight.

C) Pipe-dreams are fun, but Blizzard isn't going to develop a fan-conceptualized expansion.
Read it already on WoWWiki.
TL;DR. It sounds sily. Let's conver the after life once every race has gone extinct. Kay? Kay.
I would love to play this class

please Blizzard, make it happen.
i showed my friend the class idea and he said it would be awesome...then he told me to make an expansion pack for i spent afew minutes thinking about the expansion pack...but the pride and joy is the class idea...spent countless hours brainstorming a necro class
necro - death
lock - shadow
dk - unholy

necro - skeletons & abomination
lock - demons
dk - minion
hunter - pet
mage - water elemental

it could just needs to be thought of
this is a wonderful idea. i mean, that sounds like a very very thought of class, not so much as the xpac that goes with it, but still. i bet if you had enought likes or whatever then it will raise a flag to bliz and they might think of it.
Depends, can I steal Putress' green Tier 8 robe?

If yes then I love the idea!
he would of course be in a raid as a raid he will drop something...
This sounds.... Actually quite fun. Maybe the necromancers could be healers (sorry if you covered that I mainly skimmed through) from draining the life force of enemies, sort of like Warlock's drain life but then heal allies with it. Also, maybe they could resurrect npcs that they've killed, obviously not too powerful ones to help them.
Just give me my MoP.
necro - death
lock - shadow
dk - unholy

necro - skeletons & abomination
lock - demons
dk - minion
hunter - pet
mage - water elemental

Just so you know, DK's are undead, they aren't just the anti-paladin. Their pets are zombies which are also undead regardless of what it shows under their names. Necro would just be a cloth version of a DK.

Also the part about the army of skeletons, if you are going to scale the damage to be the same no matter how many you have, then what's the point of having multiples?
I can see it now

/2 an al [Bone]
the way i have it set out...with one dose 100% damage and has 100% health...if u raise 2 skeletons...each one gets 50% health and dose 50% damage...if you have 3 skeletons...each one gets 33% health and dose 33% damage...and with 4 goes down to 25% health and in all actuality... having 4 skeletons out...would be just like having one out
New City
(Big city of Death)
if they named it that, that would be enough to make me buy this if it were real >.>

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