Shaman Pets

Pretty sure this has been said before, but I think it needs saying again. One of the coolest aspects of being a shaman is the ability to summon our elementals/wolves. While I know it will probably never happen, the fact is that it would be awesome to have some kind of permanent elemental for elemental shamans, or permanent wolves for enhancement. Of course a major nerf would have to be put on them to justify an unlimited duration, however, I still think it would add a nice touch to the class. Any agreement on this, and if so, thoughts?
Ugh...imagine the QQ...."You're pet is pulling agro...put it AWAY" so much for that. But yes...a reduced CC would be really really shiny.
Nah. I like that Shamans aren't a true pet class, like Hunters and Warlocks. More options would be nice (Wind Elemental Totem?), but they shouldn't be permanent.

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