[A] Ominous: 8/8H recruiting all for MoP

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With both our 10 man teams having cleared heroic content we've now joined together and clearing H25s (1 night per week) until MoP. In doing so we now have raid spots open for those wanting to join Ominous and get settled before MoP.

We're not sure on our format for MoP, it could be multiple 10 man teams as per dragon soul or a 25 man team, much will depend on raid lockout ect. We wait to hear more from Blizz.

Current Recruitment

We welcome apps from A grade players all classes and specs for MoP

Raid Times :

Monday - 8.30pm to midnight
Wednesday - 8.30pm to midnight
Thursday - 8.30pm to midnight
Sunday - 8.30pm to midnight

*Raiders expected on 10-15min early for an 8.30 start. About us

Unlike many guilds that 'downsized' from 25s we're going with 2 x 10 mans teams. We’re all very mindful of how boring some smaller guilds can be. At Ominous we’ve always been busy doing something, if its dungeons, leveling, arena, BGs or simply chilling, so we want to keep that ‘larger’ guild feel.

Team Fear: Raiders will be expected to raid our standard 4 nights a week with possibility of raiding any other night. Our goal is to clear all heroic content.

Team Vengeance: Raiders will be expected to raid our standard 4 nights a week. Our goal is to clear all heroic content.

www.ominousguild.com What we offer:

* A guild that values your time and effort - We always look to better efficiency.
* Skilled experienced raid members striving for excellence
* Competitive and stable raid environment.
* Fair and balanced loot system. We use EPGP (Effort Points / Gear Points) loot system.
* Mature guild with a zero drama policy.
* Alt runs with a friendly relaxed guild atmosphere.
* Flasks and 24/7 guild repairs Requirements:

* Exceptional raid attendance
* Stable, reliable internet & PC
* Excellent raid awareness
* Excellent class knowledge
* Vent and working mic
* Be team focused
* Apps supported by combatlogs preferred

grats on deathwing Jack and Co.
LF heals
bump for 2/8 H
bump for pro holy pally and 4/8H
grats on 4/8h ^.^
when we get a priest ima make sure he griefs your tranq

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