NPC for a Day: Who Would You Be?

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Because...its Saurfang. Easily my most favourite NPC of all time in WoW. All because of the fan-made hype. Wrath put him up as one the best characters blizzard has made to date!

Bravo! (he is better than Thrall.../hides)

Image of Archmage Vargoth.

Because then I can go anywhere.
The barber NPC. Any faction/location.
Theldurin the Lost, so I can punch deathwing in the face.
For fun, Sesebi. Kickbutt female troll druid who epitomes the perfect catness of a feral druid. As in, she sleeps all day. <3

For serious, Tyrande. It's time to reclaim the matriarchy & lay the smack down on some orcs.
Any one of the varieties of vrykul. Love 'em.
Time-Lost Proto Drake.

Okay! Punch the clock and get this NPC duty started!


Okay, work day is done!

So I can immolate capital cities to make sure everyone gets their 10 achievement points...even the bank alts.

I dunno if it's been said yet, but I'd love to be Captain Placeholder.

Just keep on dancing.... Yeah!

PS: When I was alliance, I would just AFK infront of him and watch him dance ^_^ I know.... Sad, but true :D
heroic mode dragonsoul deathwing (pt2) bauss. i would get to sit there and do nothing (i like lazy) or perhaps wipe a couple pro-raiders on release day... while also rolling around in uber gears you will never have >:D
Too easy. I'd be Sylvanas.

...and then lock myself in a room all day with a full-length mirror.
Brann Bronzebeard

And my wife says she'd be Jaina for me. :)
Lorrin Foxfire, just to see if I could pull it off.

I doubt I could, though. His style is a bit, uhm, unique, for a blood elf. I can't shake the feeling he's actually a really great actor and/or spy, and not suffering from some rare type of swamp fever which Occam's Razor suggests.

I figure few people beyond the traveling mage ever gets to observe his dialogue interactions with his surroundings, but I've taken a liking to the fellow. He's the best portal trainer, ever.

With a presumed Theramore/Stonard territory exchange looming, I fear for his future.
Garona Halforcen,

killing alliance since before she was even in the game! now thats talent ^^
Gamon. The guy's probably killed more Alliance in the past 11 months than Garrosh.

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