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Did they ever explicitly say that they were releasing 4.3 on Tuesday? With a situation like this, it seems like official notice should be given.
Here's a question: why not just make them refundable for the lower currency?
The blue post is super confusing about the timer. It explicitly says if you want to be able to return an item you need to buy it more than 2 hours before the patch.

In any case what they actually did was reset the timers on all the recent valor purchases. I unfortunately bought a caster dps gloves and healer chest 5 hours before the patch and logged. When I logged in again and realized the error on the gloves there was no way in game to fix it. I opened a ticket asking to exchange the dps item for a healer item and got the "you should have read the forum posts" since they did not mention the timers in the official patch notes. The GM claimed they could not do anything about it but it felt more like "you were trying to cheat the system and our policy is to do nothing about it. You should be more careful next time". No attempt to game the VP/JP exchange system just a simple mistake.

The two hour timers are there to help avoid mistakes. Taking them away and also refusing to correct a player's innocent mistake is just wrong. It will take several hours running dungeons to replace the item and I am not feeling good about it at all.
12/03/2011 08:06 AMPosted by Ixidane
Here's a question: why not just make them refundable for the lower currency?

That would be the best solution.
the created an entire game for your sorry !@# so $%^- and enjoy it while u still can.

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