Glory of the Cata/FL/Dragon Soul Raider

Meanwhile -

Currently looking for

1) Lock
2) Mage (Frost OS)
3) Shammy (resto + OS)
Drheckyl out of curiosity, how many heroic bosses have you done pre nerf in your entire wow career? I'd love to join something like this, but want to make sure the leadership is capable of doing something outside of farming nerfed content. Thanks much!

O, you did LFR. Nice. Glad they loaded content for the rest of us!
I think this is a great thread.

Best of luck.
Wish you were on my server so I could participate!

Thanks darsmora - Meanwhile:

Updated main page with positions filled / vaccant...

Meanwhile - team is comming together nicely with Mage (Confirmed) and Loc (To be confirmed) positions effectively filled.

Currently looking for:

1) DK (tank / DPS OS) - We lost ours to the allure of another server - a common problem with DKs on Saurfang :(


2) Shammy (r/mDPS & heals OS - prefer mdps but will take rdps).

Once those 2 positions are filled and everyone has finished gearing up - were gtg.

Gearing wise the team is pulling together already and nocking off the new dungeon achieves whist rounding out their MS/OS gear.

NB: I'm going to remove the names of the persons in the main post due to a fair amount of trolling going on (here & in game to) ... & it has been brought to my attention some people are put off posting replies due to such trolling but are rolling toons in game to contact me - which is good....

Shame really - jealosy perhaps??
Oh - for got to mention - once we're gtg I will still be recruiting for the standby team made up of reliable regulars I often raid with + specific classes of interested and suitable people - (we need a boomy) + other compeling clases - like shadow priest etc.

Basically I'll work it so that if a main team member cant make the next session for some reason they contact thier standby (as will I) and see if there ok to fill in. Standby players will also get invites to 25M content - "Light of the dawn" & other established 25M 'Glory of' Projects and other achieves runs + LFR etc....
Wish I could get my guild to do this stuff. I'm not that far off.
May wish to transfer to do this. Prot/Holy, main raided T11 content, didn't get in for all heroic kills but for the ones I am missing, I've spent countless days/weeks working on :)

Firelands have some experience.
Finally the team is underway after a rough & delayed start due to christmas new year hols and staff changes re some prefering to raid DS. We're following Vox Imortalis strats for achieves eg (eg for chog'al fight) and tankspot for normal modes. We also have a couple of reserves in the team to sub in and out as needed in which we work around thier DS scheduals to accomodate a 'class specific' fight. Team is finally starting to gel to (turning up on time / returning for next sessions / not giving up on a fights / communicate during fights / respec toons to suit fights etc)

Currently team composition is:

Paly (Prot) / Ret (OS) - ME
Warr (OT) so DPS MS / Prot (OS)

Hunter: SV / Beast OS - speccing OS to beast for V&T "Double dragon"
Mage: Arcane / Frost - speccing to frost for V&T "Double Dragon" and other fights
Warlock: Vaccant
Priest Shaddow (Vaccant)

Druid (OS Boomy)
Holly paly
Priest (Vaccant)

Druid Feral (cat) - OS Heals but also tanks as bear when needed
Warr - Furry / Arms
DK - Frost / Blood

Hunter: MM / Beast OS
Rogue: SUB only - and will be swaped in for sub rogue fights (vaccant)
DK: Frost / Tank OS
Pally: Holy only (Heals)

1) SHAMMY (mDPS) i.e Ele MS + Any OS but prefer resto (Heals)
2) Lock (Prefer demo - that can range tank)

As we go I'll make some comments re certain achieves that people need to be aware of if not already (see below)
Currently doing BOT normal modes:

1. THE ONLY ESCAPE: (Halifus) Very easy. 1 shoted and some of us already had it - got welp combo - OT welp i.e kept one alive and nailed it with one of other dragons at the right time - Main tank on boss doing interupts etc.

2. DOUBLE DRAGON (Vox Imperialis): (V&T) Some people had it already but we had the worst luck with christmas and staff changes to sort it out. Mage had to create frost OS and hunters x2 had to use/create beast OS + we used Druid healer inside + both MH's outside. DPS is not an issue - getting fiends is - esp when they evade bug!!! - so long as dragons are tanked on the stairs (left as you walk in the room) the inside crew have the whole floor to dance. They also had pet macros to help pick up the fiends. Basically once we had the strat down of 4/2 per dazilling destruction and NO EVADE BUGS we got this and should be a highly repeatable strat. Again evade bugs make this a harder and anoying achieve - hang in there RNG will fall your way eventually!

3. ELEMENTIUM: (Ascendant Council). We were ranged heavy after last fight - did this one striaght after last - a couple of pulls to remember the fight / balance dps on each ascendant as we were range heavy so only took about 3 pulls. Strat is: P3 - everyones alive? = Burn & heal hard - tank boss in middle dont move / ignore GFTO. First to die - mdps. 2nd rdps that can't heal. We just got this one - all ended up dead at <1% but DOTS took care of it! - so kinda an exciting & easy one to do. (NB: sub in a lock for a hunter).

4. ABYSE WILL GAZE BACK INTO YOU (Vox Imperialis): (Chog'al) Working on this one now. Spent one night wiping on 10+ corruption (P1) got him to 35% @ 0 corruption with an altered strat that needs to be fixed - finally understand the video after now learning the fight re achieve / roles / speccing right glyphs etc / turning things on in DBM / working out tank - bear taunt rotation. Using same team as 'double dragon' - should get it next session easy.

Ok so this took a little longer than expected - had a few player changes along the way so people had to learn the fight. We altered our strat to match Vox Imortalis strat closer and then discovered we could improve on it - rather than 3 adds up we did it with 2 - moving boss and first add to second spawn point and killing them there. Feral druid was flicking between cat and bear for the furry of chogal to get the stacks. Once we had the strat down we had to work on the transition timing so all the eyes ended up in the thorne. With DPS so high these days taunting chogal up the throne at 27% was just to low - giving us a sub 1% wipe when a corruption got off as an eye was still outside - we had to redo the whole instance again as DOTS killed him not us as intended!. This time around we got him to the thorne the second 2nd add blobs were down - at about 33% even after a couple second pause. Upon getting the achieve i was informed it was being filmed - please visit:

or google "drheckyl cata" for the achive strat we used!.
BWD Normal Modes:

1. ACHIEVE-A-TRON: (Omnitron). Broke up into 4 separate fights and focused on 1 element (primary and wipe condition) but will most likely get 2 or 3 per go:

1a. Achieve-a-tron (Part 1 - Fire): Targeted Rogue who cloaked and Mage who ice blocked - so we got it but was kinda lucky with this one (one shot so didnt really get a chance to develop anyhting concrete).

1b. Achieve-a-tron (Part 2 - Electric): Relatively easy - had to make sure tank on the electric boss didnt damage him after sheild hit - in fact move to one side early, turn off dots etc and watch raid achives addon carfully till boss was inactive - then kill rest as normal - really its the tank on this boss that can blow the achieve and noone else.

1c. Achieve-a-tron (Part 3 - Slime): Everyone focused when poison protocol was up and slowed and killed slimes - soft reset fight by running out of room if someone got hit or was to close to them when they died. Mage whent frost spec for extra slows etc.

1d. Achieve-a-tron (Part 4 - Archane Anhilator): Can not miss an interupt - Attempted it (one the side whilst doing fire) with two rogues but some interupts were missed. Will try again when I find an Ele Shammy for this one! TBA

2. PARASITE EVENING: (Magmaw) Most already have it if not all but did it again anyway. NB: Had the DK respec thier frost spec into chilbains and use blood stance to kite the parasites in a big circle - rest did fight as normal. (NB: One shot this as expected)

3. ABERRANT BEHAVIOUR: (Maloriak). Tried to follow Vox Imortalis strat but some interupts (aberation) on boss were missed (how ever we got the 1st one or 2 as planed). Essential thing was to gather adds and kill during green phase. Killed 1st 12 then had to kill 3 more on second green phase NB: achieve counter did not reset as expected, which has been reported to do so this may have been fixed (NB: 2 shot this as empahsis had to be made to kill during green phase only).

4. FULL OF SOUND AND FURRY: (Chimareon). Most poeple have this already during progression. Healers fight so stacked when we needed to and AOE healed and self healed when we needed to (healer called the shots on this one) - tanks taunt swapped as needed - basically your normal fight. (NB:2 shot this as team had to rember the fight - its been a while lol.)

5. SILENCE IS GOLDEN (Vox Imortalis): (Atramedes). This one was a little tricker as we followed Vox Imortalis strat in preperation for heroic version. Stacked up at or behind tank and moved clockwise for sound and anti clockwise for sound breath (target player only). Stunned (gonged) on searing flames as normal. Had to set up gong order for air phase. Used one heals only and 2 x druids for air phase tracking (gongers) keeping fire out of main arena as possible. Took a session for people to relearn the fight re raid postioning but 3 shot it on next night. A video was made on this one again - things got kinda messy at the end but we still got it.

Addons: Raid leader and gongers dowloaded atramedes addon from curse so they could watch everyones sound and pland to gong at 30 sound - only got as high as 40 for a split sec which was due to a searing flame from what I can see in the video below. (Once installed type /atramedes to activate).

or just google "drheckyl cata" and it comes up - enjoy :)

I'll come for some, I killed every hard mode pre 4.1, save Sinestra since 10 man was just a dice roll at the time. I'm better than any nerd dps shaman you'll get

3. Elementium - we were ranged heavy after last fight - did this one striaght after last - a couple of pulls to remember the fight / balance dps on each ascendant as we were range heavy so only took about 3 pulls. Strat is: P3 - everyones alive? = Burn & heal hard - tank boss in middle dont move / ignore GFTO. First to die - mdps. 2nd rdps that can't heal. We just got this one - all ended up dead at <1% but DOTS took care of it! - so kinda an exciting & easy one to do. (NB: sub in a lock for a hunter).

This sort of worries me, before we did heroic progression back in March we always did it like this. I was personally never able to come on my main to the 25 man gear farm, so I didn't get it until we pugged BoT some time ago. The dps check for it is abysmal nowadays, and I would go as far to say doing it on hard mode would be easy.

4. Abyse will gaze back at you (Vox Imperialis): Working on this one now. Spent one night wiping on 10+ corruption (P1) got him to 35% @ 0 corruption with an altered strat that needs to be fixed - finally understand the video after now learning the fight re achieve / roles / speccing right glyphs etc / turning things on in DBM / working out tank - bear taunt rotation. Using same team as 'double dragon' - should get it next session easy.

Not even sure how you couldn't kill this.

I can come on any day, but I might need to step out at around 9 on Tuesday to do Hardmode Blackhorn. It shouldn't take over 30 minutes since we 2 shot it last week.
We wont be doing some tuesdays - they seem to be replaced by DS LFR guild runs server wide... So Tuesdays are out.

Pls pst me in game if interested on enh shammy! (drheckyl - Saurfang)

BTW - killing chog isn't hard - its not getting any stacks before p2 is a bit of a pain and our postioning was wrong (we will fix that next time). As for elementium - very nearly got achieve like we did pre 4.1 but dps was a bit low at the time. The kill we did do now was a bit messy - one or two ascendant was 30%+ if I recall. So yeh I put it down to not beeing there for a while - we will have to improve that big time come heroic kill!.
Started Throne of the 4 winds after getting fire mode on achieve tron - to work out swaps re stacks etc.


1. STAY CHILL: Reports have been its a hard achieve - but almost getting it a few times in my old guild I believed this wasn't the case. We did work out that you can go from 0-8 stacks inside the 1 min you have to kill Nezier. SO - strat was get Rohash and Ansal down to about 100k each and kill after the 2nd ultimate - down bosses on the swap back then all back to Nezier. The person that killed Rohash would be at 0 stacks - wittle nezier down to 100k and wait for 7 stacks and kill FTW. Hero on Ansal after 2nd ultimate as he will have more health then Rohash as they go down togther. (1 dps and 1 heals on rohash / 1 tank 1 heals on nezier - rest on Ansal). Groups need to be precise with swaps and getting down Ansal adds is a must. Swap at 80 energy and on zehper expiry needs to be spot on. NB: noone can die - wipe it if they do as you need 7 stack on everyone. Controll adds and DPS and swap timing and your good :)

2. FOUR PLAY (Tank spot strat): We had a play with it after doing other achieves but didnt give it a good crack till after Cho'gal was down. Basically the normal fight - used the diagram from tankspot for the positioning. Called gaps in squall line. Had a tank focus on stormlings who called when to kill them to get stacks - at 30% finished the last one off let one spawn and then push boss to P3. Messy phase - we had a 0.4% wipe casue we coulnt find the stormling and we were a man down at transition. Whent back in and poped hero at start of P3 transition with all players up - stuck toghter with stromling floating along behind (it was damaged to about 50% going in to P3). At about 5% we killed stomring and kill Al'Alkir - basically a very easy achieve compared to Cho'gals one.

Many thanks to Bolanar! (Holy Paly POV). Please go to the link or just google "Drheckyl cata".

1. "THE ABYSS WILL GAZE BACK INTO YOU" (Vox Imortalis Strat): (BOT: Cho'gal).

Didn't know it was beeing filmed till it was over. This is our modifyed Vox Imortalis strat. Note the zero corruption till about 4% when the eyes started hurting us. Then it was over - great job everyone who was there. To everyone else who wasn't there but spent time learning the fight and developing the strat we actually used - a big thank you and I hope you'll all be ready for the next one!

2. SILENCE IS GOLDEN (Vox Imortalis Strat): (BWD: Atramedes).

Nice emote at the start!. Raid was going well till the end when things.... got a little messed up. Very entertaining and good to watch - enjoy :)
Teams looking rather stable now we're well underway but still looking for an Ele Shammy and a Demo Lock. A second Rouge would be good to (Sub PVE MS).

With only 2 normal achieves to go in this tier and now that the 25 M achieve team has completed ALL WotLK raid achieves, I've started a sign up list to take FL normal achieves to 25M. Depending on the team we may do some heroic FL as well towards Glory of Firelands raider. 25M team will have some 10 man support to clear / farm bosses for legandary quest as well. Kick of is expected in about 2 weeks (10/3/12) as 10 man cata team is expected to have downed last T11 normals and be onto heroic versions by then. If interested and your gear is in good order (ilvl 384+). NB: main toons only - I'm not interested in running peoples alts so you will have to save your lockouts!. Pst me in game. NB: Sign up is competative as we have members from the best Alliance guilds on the server (by current DS progression rank) wanting to join this now. I have over 30 accepts so far so I will have to pick 25 from a growing list that closes 2/3/12.

Raid times are Sat 7:45 pm ST and some Tues 7:45 pm ST now LFR DS is getting old.

6. KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY (Vox Imortalis): (Nefarian). Followed Vox strat exactly for this i.e MT tanked both dragons in the mid facing left from the drop down pillar and I OT the adds to the right of tht pillar. DPS was on ONY at this point and stacked to her left. Once all adds were in position, ring of forst was droped and adds were taken out. I tuanted ONY and the MT seperated to the left as far as he could as i whent right. Bosses were then turned and DPS burned Nef. I wittled down Ony to 3% and waited till the 3rd electricute (At 75% on nef hero was used). At 70 % electricute was beeing cast i killed Ony before the cast eneded. At 64% DPS stoped on Nef and the 3 groups (1 healer each, 2x range grp1, mele dps OT grp 2, rdps MT grp 3) ran to tier preassigned pillars and waited for the larva (shooting nef some more on the way as he ran across the room for take off). AT this point adds were the focus. Grp 1 & 3 burned their adds and then started hitting Nef. Grp 2 burned adds to 25% and maintained interupts. (BTW untill other grps had burned thier adds interupts were being done). Once nef droped to below 50% in the air adds were finished off in grp 2 and we proceeded to do p3 as normal watching ourselves though electricute ever 10% of nefs health, whilst kiting adds in a big circle around the boss making sure the bosses tail stayed at the adds (boss was rotated). A very nice amd well executed achieve - hard part was getting the timimg right for the ony kill - once learned but the rest was as normal and very easy if not nerve wracking!. NOW FOR HEROICS!

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