Glory of the Cata/FL/Dragon Soul Raider

FL Prep is going well as the 10 M team is working on making various strats efficient for which they need to be for 25M kick off this comming Sat. FL is so easy - we accidently got a couple of achieves and even aborted a couple to save it for the 25M run. FL nromals achives strats below!.

1. BUCKET LIST (Shannox): Cleared all the trash and marked locations of shannox with last 2 positions to be the bottom of the ramp to Lord Ryloth and the pond area near Aly. Sarted on the left were the portal exit is (the one that spawns for the extra leg weap fight). Kited Shannox to the Bethalak ramp and killed rage face then to enterence ramp then back to Ryloth ramp and pond. OT tanks riplimb. At main ramp pause and burn shannox to 50% and dog to 50%. Riplimb gets slows when runing to OT and when running back to return spear boss is kited quickly - this also deals with jaggered tear debuff on tanks. When achivement conditons are met when shannox is at 32% kill riplimb and pop hero burn boss FTW. NB: Loads more trash on 25M but the fight is exactly the same!

2. DEATH FROM ABOVE (Bethalak) (Vox Imortalis strat): Sent 2x rdps up top in following order - Tank, Healer, Drone killer rdps then 2nd rdps. Downstairs team killed adds as they spawned, MT grabs drones and wittles them down to 5% or less and annouinces when thier heading up sop they can be killed. 2 adds get killed and the other 2 wont before p2 is reached so they are offtanked with the boss and the tanks switch assigments for the debuff at 10 stacks. NB: On 25M this is a completely diferent fight - way more adds to contend with! Will post more on 25M differenses re achieves later!

3. NOT AN AMBI TURNER (Lord Ryloth): Had a rogue on right leg - 2x tanks for adds + a rDPS who could help dps right leg when called for by the pilot. Took our time turning Ryloth early rather than late and he eventually stood on enough volcanoes to enter P2 and be burned as normal. 25M: two rogues and a couple mDPS on right leg - fight is the same. For calling it - easier to do from behind like driving a car!

4. ONLY THE PENATANT (Majordomo): Dont have to kill the boss to do this. 6 people focus to boss and watch the flame cast and sit at about half way though the cast. After its gone off - sprint / run / swiftpot / blink etc then sit again during next cast. Take your time and when you have 6 people on the swirly mark on ground next to orb (3 each side) - corodinate the click - we used when one cast was at the 'To' in 'Knee TO the Flame' to click once (double click and you ruin it). If fail run outsdie instance set to heroic reset and go back in - and visa versa (max 5 times!). NB: everyone else gets to watch it happen - TURN PETS OFF and stay off the concrete part of the arena!

5. DO A BARREL ROLE (Aly) - Doing this in 25M so breaking it up into 3 or 4 spearate fights for which the achiveve is cumulative (Like achive-a-tron).

5a. Incindary Cloud: Did the whole fight by not sending one person up. It's a default element and rather fool proof. Will combine it with brushfire in future!

5b. Brush Fire: Divide arena into quadrents / teams - Stun and kill adds as soon as they apear so not to get a cast off. Will do this at same time as 'Incindary cCoud' by NOT sending anyone up in the air.

5c. Lava Spew: Similar to Brush Fire - Tanks got worms eaten promtly and with out getting hit - everyone else stays out the way - Combined this with Incindary cloud as well but its beter to speed up the fight so tanks have less to worry about and send people up (less people in air to get hit by worms accidently).

5d. Tornadoes: Most posts give strats pertaining to zerging it with differnt numbers in air and on ground. We started with a 1 tank strat version (druid) and 2 in the air (Frost DK and Boomy) - Alas noone else in the team had learned to fly or would in the time aloud thus... we took on tornados - Set a marker 20 yards south of starting feather. during P2 transistion EVERYONE stacks on the feather and once the tonrades are moving to the outside - start running as a group anticlockwise. You will ALL go though 2 rings on the ground (so ground crew get feathers in P1) and with the wall of death on your left sholder and tornadoes on your right - just follow ONE tornadoe in a 1.5 laps around the center and your done. It actually very easy to do and we had more trouble with the others than this!.

For the 25M version - video reference is and one post in wowiki under the achieve name (amounst all the zerg strats) - thanks guys - worked like a charm!

6. SHARE THE PAIN (Balrock): Easy on 10 man with only 1 crystal to worry about - if you get hit 3 times dont run into the crystal! Healer cordinates the crystal movement. On 25M however - you have 2 crystals and becomes a minor nightmear - an exercise in communication and coordination! Will post more on this later....

7. RAGNAR-OES (Ragnaros): TBA

T11 Heroics are proving to be a strain at the moment given the alure of DS and i'm having to rethink the team as they require multiple nights to learn. We have had some success but and downed our first boss so see heroic strats below.

1. HALAFIS: 3 tanks, 3 healers 4 DPS inc mage and 2 hunters. Boss was tanked near welp cage. Add release order is nether and storm then time and welps. Nether tank kites to Time Warden and releases him. Storm is burned first (Hero) with paly tank hand of protection main tank on boss to clear stacks to delay swtiching. When storm is dead tanks switch to clear stacks and boss tank (who is now free) releases welps. Welps AOE at boss and switches again with add tank tank, who picks up Time of the 2nd OT. Time is burned. So at this point you have only 1 add up (nether) and you can rotate all 3 tanks with the boss. Carefull cooldowns for furious roar and interupts on boss at all times. Once nether is dead the finall add is released and off tanked and halifus is burned. A hectic fight and took a bit of working out the order of things but once down it whent down no problem after just two sessions.

2. V&T (Vox Immortalis): This ones a !@#$% but were up to P2 transition - worked out you can zerg to 48% with out having to worry about rift damage (which is causeing up to 50-75% by this point). Now its a case of how many teams need to go inside - or find a sub rogue willing to do it!.



Man, I wish I could get in on some Dragon Soul meta action, but yeah, I'm tied to my guilds heroic clear every week.

On the Alysrazor achievement, you shouldn't need to do it over 4 weeks. Avoiding clouds is the easiest of the four and you should get it every week that you do it. Same goes for Brushfire on Normal. As for Lava Spew, that's one that can mess up if the tanks not careful. But for the most part, you can get 3 of those together pretty easily. For the Tornados, it's possible to kill Alysrazor before the tornado phase if DPS is good enough, like if you've got a couple Fire Mages to go up or some other DOT class. Even so though, I'd recommend focusing on Tornados one week, and the other 3 another week, but you can see if there's enough DPS to kill her before the tornado phase.
Thanks for that Digerati and it is what we intend to work towards with Aly. However it is usally best to cocentrate on on element to wipe on if it fails rather than 2 or 3. That said - after testing a bit on 10 man with the 10 man team - Brush fire will be the 1st one and by not sending anyone up you get cluds done by deafault. Also having more people down to interupt stun human adds makes brush fire more possible - but larva spew less likely esp in 25M. Beter to that at same time as tornado when you have less people on the ground to run into the spew I think. Anway its all a work in progress and its going well :)
Hey if you need another dps this week for FL, BoT BwD totfw (H), feel free to add me
Hey, if you ever need a good dps, I'm a currently 398 Demo lock. 4/8hm DS, 6/7hm FL, 10/13hm T11. I'm very interested to run this with you guys! Thanks for reading, cheers!
Thanks guys - we do need a perm lock for the 10M team - raiding most but not all i.e as often as possible on Monday, Wed, Thurs, and maybe Fri from 8PM ST (AEST). + FL 25M on Sat and some Tuesdays (If not 25M 10 M will clear ahead or behind 25M) from 8pm AEST. I havn't got real id set up yet but looks like I may have to now??!!
Could also use a holy paly and a Warr tank / DPS + a SUB ROG or a rog willing to respec as sub for special fights & achieves and gear it.

BTW sub rogs PVE speced - rarer than hens teeth on saurfang!
Also looking for a fire mage!
If you happen to need a very exp Dps warrior, please let me know all I need for T11 meta and FL meta is Heroic kills aside from a few odd ones.

ahhh hunter filled guild wont ever go back to firelands after ds came out :(

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