<REJECTED> 14/14 Reg SoO Recruiting more!

Area 52
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<Rejected> (lvl 25) is a 10man raiding guild that is currently rebuilding our raid team from scratch. After many raiders lost, and a break from raiding, we are looking for the best players to fill our roster. We hope to catch up in progression quickly as we have fallen behind this tier. Below are classes and specs that we are looking to fill our core with. If your class is not listed please feel free to apply on our website.

Raid Times & Requirements

  • Tuesdays//Thursdays/Mondays 9pm-12am server
  • Min ilvl required: 550+
  • Basic understanding of your class
  • Gemmed and Enchanted properly
  • Be on time and ready to go by raid time

  • Classes Needed

  • DK
  • Monk
  • Warrior
  • Pally
  • DPS
  • Shaman
  • Boomkin
  • Spriest
  • (With Healing OS)
  • Healers
  • Full
  • Contact me in-game or on this thread for more info. Ty for your time

    Btag - Vegasboy#1545

    Apply at http://rejectedgtfo.guildlaunch.com/
    updated ^
    Updated ^

    but ur still a nub =P
    updated for 4.3
    up ^
    to the top!
    I'm a disc priest I'd like to try out ( if your doing that sorta thing ). whisp me in game. Cya
    to the top^
    need more
    still looking !
    Need some skilled Mdps
    Hello i was wondering if u guys were looking to fill a spot for a rogue im On Darkspear at this moment but im willing to xfer servers at any time if you can guarantee me a main spot in the Raid group to collect Gems for legendarry daggers im willing to stay with the guild and help as much as i can if you guys ever get interested in pvp i am 2400 arena 2200 rbg experianced leader. thank you
    ya we just filled it sorry. I'm a little late on the updating :(
    looking for Skilled Druid healz

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