<REJECTED> 14/14 Reg SoO Recruiting more!

Area 52
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still looking !
Resto druid ilvl 390 with 8/8 do you need for g1 or g2
group 2 if your still looking for a group sorry for the late reply
Looking for a resto druid!
need a tank for main group 7/8 with 3% wipes on madness
Need a Beast Tank for Madness and heroic Content!
Bump for skilled players, need more!
Need a skilled Hpally or disc priest to fill our main group out.
full again ..
Need Hunter or Warlock for our group 2 . also looking for strong healers.
looking for a good lock or hunter....
need a good disc priest for our group 2 !
bump for a good resto druid or disc priest
I am a 396 Disc looking to raid heroic content, I am 8/8 norm, 1/8 HM, and have 4/8 Heroic exp. Send me an in game mail or whisper (alt 145 for the æ) Both times for group 1 or 2 looks good for me to be able to make at this current time
my real id is brune.or@hotmail.com if that is needed may be easier to get a hold of me
Need a skilled Mage !
Bump for a gg of peeps
looking for a skilled priest (Disc with Holy OS perf) or Holy Pally for our main group.
The main post here says that you are looking for a Frost DK for your second raid group. But when i look on the website it is showing all positions as "closed". If you are in need of a Frost DK I am available and would love to apply if there is a open raid spot. respond or contact in game.

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