<REJECTED> 14/14 Reg SoO Recruiting more!

Area 52
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Still need a tank.
Hi <Rejected> - just combing the forums and came across your guys post, are you still looking for a tank? Blood death knight specifically? I am currently looking for a raiding guild that does fri-sat or sat-sun earlier starts on sunday. I recently moved to England so the time difference is the main deterrant from finding a solid raid guild that fits my schedule. I have been playing since ZA launched in TBC, I have been raid tanking from Wrath to now. I recently main switched to blood tanking from a feral druid. I have multiple alts although only a prot war and this guy to 90. My recent experiences have been primarily heroic progression of current content. Hit me up or if you would like I can throw you an app, though I do not have recent logs.
I noticed that you are specifically looking for a DK tank, however, I'm gonna see if maybe you'd be willing to accept a warrior tank anyways :) I am looking to raid on Tues, Wed. I would be looking at a server transfer if you were interested in having me, so plz let me know.
Need a skilled tank, healer and a beast rdps reply to me on this thread or add me for more info Vegasboy#1545
full thanks guys ;)
Need some 2 boss dps and a skilled healer going for 16/16 before t15
OK....Need a beast tank for ToT 1/12 (Warrior/Druid/Pally). Been having attendant issues, need one more to fill the group. My Btag is Vegasboy#1545 or put in a app on our website.
Leaving a message here but when I get back on WoW in about an hour I'm gonna add you. Those raid days and times are awesome.
OK looking forward to it :)
Need a Skilled healer for our group druid/monk/disc priest :)
experienced bear here, been doing end gamer raiding since WOTLK launch, killed all the end game bosses on heroic through WOTLK and CATA and took a hiatus in november of last year and been back in the saddle since mid Feb. i lack the 490 you are looking for right now, but can be at 490+ within a week or so, i think i am sitting at 480ish at the moment.
if interested send me an in game and i would be glad to talk to someone.
hey guys!!
Hi, I am currently ilvl 487 and trying to find a guild to raid in. I hardcore raided in the vanilla/BC days and a little off an on since then. But I am currently alliance and on another server. However I have other chars on Area 52 horde. If you are interested in me i am willing to xfer over. Im really wanting to get back into the raiding scene. Hit me back up on here or whisper my other chars on Area 52 (Vursa - my mage, or Kelltar - my shaman)
vegasboy#1545 add me and we can talk
Looking for Hunter, frost Mage and disc priest!

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