<REJECTED> 14/14 Reg SoO Recruiting more!

Area 52
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Tank and healer needed
still looking for a Healer.
Need a beast Monk healer and Hunter for our group !
Need Skilled Tanks and Healers for Our group working on Heroic content.
536ilvl resto druid looking for a new guild 3/13h if ur still looking for a healer canabully#1503
Bump for my old guild. ;)
Need Mage/Hunter and maybe a Warrior for SoO!
LF Melee dps, DK, Warrior or Hunter for our core group.
If you need someone to roll with Monday night look me up in game. Justified#1587
Not sure if you guys are still looking, but 536 ret pally looking to switch to horde, let me know if yall are interested btag Azcha#1215
Full as of now.
I'm a 540 BM/SV hunter looking for a good guild that can progress through SoO with your raid times. So if your looking for a good committed hunter I'd be glad to join I can talk with you more if you'd like my B-tag is thundercats#1438
Need a Mage.
still looking for a Mage for our group !
Need a soild warrior for our core hit me up in game and Btag
Original post says you're still looking for a Windwalker Monk. That true? I have full clear knowledge and AotC: Garrosh, earned on my Warlock.

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