DS 8/8H GDKP Run Thursday 7:00 am ST!

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/bump for this week's GDKP run. Need moar POW-AH dps for Ultraxion! ;-)
What sort of DPS do you need...?
01/10/2012 08:31 PMPosted by Elumumu
What sort of DPS do you need...?

Any & All good dps! :D

Our MT is going to be offline due to change in ISP this week so we're gonna need a tank as well, plus a couple healers. Just post here on pst me in game for invite. <3 Got a few spots still open for tomorrow's run.
Looking forward to the run tomorrow. :-)
I'll be getting off work at 8am server time tomorrow, so hopefully I can either get home a little early or I can speed back in time before groups are filled. Let's get to 7/8!

Good luck. Might be able to join you guys in a few weeks after I relocate to Atlanta.
Yesterday was one effed up run. I have no other words for it. Raid finder has truely killed normal runs. I should of quit back in christmas.

We went 4/8. it took God's second coming but we made 8k each. :(

D effin pressing.
Ok, now I'm really calling this run off. The regulars have quit for swtor. Half the good folks are suffering for want of another bunch of good folks which we can't find. Normal raiding hereon as like beating a dead donkey with a stick. It's pointless.

The end - really this time. Noone's gonna talk me back into it. I play this game for fun and the migraine after yesterday's run is nowhere in any definition of fun. Love you all! <3

MoP isn't going to be any different. RF hands out free loot and the slight upgrade from normal isn't worth the effort or time.
So sorry to hear .. :(
Damn. I miss one week due to a power station failure and it's gone... *cry*
You didn't miss anything but a gazillion wipes and 4 boss kills. 2 wipes on hagara at 300k health.

Not only you, repression our MT also missed it due to a firest fire burning down his bushes... I mean cable... :D He was the only guy who led on vent and his absence was felt.

Chatter : ok 3 2 1 pulling : Silence : wipe / boss killed : Chatter.

Noone was there to lead the fight on vent. That was the problem. We lack a Raid Lead. I organize it and know what to do but i dont know what healers cds etc.

All in all, the run is supposed to be fun. It's one thing if it makes sense to wipe and spend so much time on 4 bosses, when we were pushing the 7th boss just before swtor. RF gear is very close to normal gear and it's hard to find 25 folks to do the run. It took us over 35minutes to find just 2 dps yesterday.

RF killed the Normal runs. That is all. :(
Hey Max,

you know you are my favourite gnome all time and I totally love you for the fact, that you did put in that much time to keep these runs going.

I think you are simply a little to burned out from all these runs that you have been orga**!@ng during the past few weeks.

Yes, the run today was really not that great but still I did enjoy it and I know a few other poeple did the same.

You are totally right when you say that Repression was missed during the fights. I honestly did not know that he won't be there until the raid started. Otherwise I would have been a little more prepared and would have helped with raid leading.

For me the run was still a lot of fun and I also liked the way we continued in 10m. We didn't kill that many bosses this week but people got some experience, they were happy to see those fights and to get them done.

I would like to keep on running that GDKP. Even if we do not have 25 people available from the start I would still like to keep on running a 10m for a couple of weeks with our core raiders and maybe change it to a GDKP again after we did some advertising and stuff.

I know there are still some people that would love to keep this going.

So I will talk to you asap to get some names that I might still be missing because you did all the invites and set up a run for next week.

As I said it might only be a 10m for a couple weeks but the plan is to take it back to a 25m GDKP soon.

If that's fine for you.
Sure Bud. The invites are allready out on calendar for next week and you have Moderation priviledges, so feel free to keep them going. <3 I'll help ya find more folk too. I just don't want to be in it for awhile. <3

The people are wonderful, but I'm just tired of looking forward to one run a week in this game that fanboys call the best mmo but in reality its a sinking ship due to other mmo's pulling folks out, and then getting into a wipefest. <3

I apologize for not being able to make it to the run for the last 3-4 weeks. Making the run has always been tough for me personally, since I do my main raid with Infamy roughly 3 1/2 hours before the GDKP starts. So I have to either choose between not sleeping at all (usually what happened), or sleeping late during the evening before my main raid (rarely happened). I always felt bad subjecting to you guys to my retarded sleep-deprived ramblings.. >.<

I enjoyed bringing my lock (Astreia), druid (Verra), and my DK (Ickie), when possible. The people in the GDKP were/are great. Unfortunately, aside from the regular problems I have attending the GDKP, I've had to deal with Doctor appointments, getting signed up with a new college, and various other things this month.. that ended up being the same day/time as the GDKP. :(

If I had known you needed help raid leading things, I would have readily offered to help, but that wouldn't have changed my availability for the previous weeks unfortunately. I led my 10 man guild (Principia Discordia) back during Tier 11 and Firelands (top 15-20 on PM during early Firelands), as well as Serenity during ICC 25's.

Raid leading isn't my favorite thing to do, but I'm capable and willing. Repression and I (as much as I hate to admit this) make a good team.. especially since he was one of Principia Discordia's healers and later our Main Tank. He actually got his start raiding, with us.

The point:
Anyways, if either Raliant or Max continue to organize this and need a Lock or someone to help lead (or both), regardless of if it's 10 man or 25.. let me know. I'd love to join. I started organizing an alt 10 DS in Infamy on my DK, or I'd offer to bring him for Blood/Unholy.

Until our roster is 100% confirmed I'm having to keep my Boom/Resto Druid available this week as well. I'll know for certain next week which toon(s) I could offer to bring to the GDKP. Keep me updated please Max/Raliant. Thanks! <3

Devera would be the best option to /invite or PM, as far as organizing things, by the way.

Edit: The lock isn't terribly geared anymore either.. *cough* >.>
Heya Krazy! <3

For me its never been about the gold. From day 1 I paid for cauldrons, feasts and even repairs when new content hit and we warent able to down bosses, 500g a wipe just to cover repairs. That would cost me 25000 gold a run then, but it was worth it cuz we had 25 people who WANTED to progress.

Now enter raid finder and we have a hard time making the 25. Noone has vee rbeen forced to buy anything in my runs. I have never asked anyone to show me how much money they have. But the depressing part is that now, we don't have 25 willing folks to progress. We pull some from /2, but some folks dps is near the tanks.

Overall, the people we run with are some of the best folks that you can find in this game irl. But with swtor's release we lost a huge bunch and the dumb buggers at Blizzard made RF loot close to Normal loot to the point where the difference doesn't justify putting effort into normal. It's like a man grabbing a welfare check of $500 and being offered $600 for a job. Which is he gonna prefer ?

The problem isn't the people who have been with us. It's the fact that we need someone leading on vent to coordinate fights and 5-6 top class dps so we can get to 7-8/8 instead of spending 4 hours to go 4/8. <3
Of course all these things happen when I have one of the most busiest work week ever ;)

We will do some sort of run next thursday. Either a 10m normal run or the usual 25m GDKP if we have the people.

I will also start a new topic about it on the forums and advertise and stuff once we know we will be moving to a 25m GDKP again.

I honestly never cared about the gold at all. The run was just fun and we have enough people left to continue it.

This expansion will last for a while so we have plenty of time to do some progression with that run even if the stupid lightsabres !@#$ed us over at this point (yes Blizzard you can totally use your language filter on this one) :D
I honestly never cared about the gold at all. The run was just fun and we have enough people left to continue it.

This expansion will last for a while so we have plenty of time to do some progression with that run even if the stupid lightsabres !@#$ed us over at this point (yes Blizzard you can totally use your language filter on this one) :D

Agreed. The run has always been fun. I know I'm fairly new to it still, having just joined up in October, but I'd love to see it continue in some form.
I'm pretty certain I can commit my Boomkin/Resto Druid (Verra) and/or my Blood/Unholy DK (ickie) at this point. I'm willing to bring whichever is needed more. Most likely the tank. Especially if Dreaming isn't back by this coming week.

Yeah, I joined the GDKP a bit late into the expansion but it was definitely fun getting to meet all the awesome people who regularly attend the runs. This is my reason for wanting to help out, as the others above me said as well. Hopefully we can eventually get Max attending again (once he's ready) and have things semi-back to normal.
I would never have believed it if someone had told me that I would be a regular at a <gasp> early morning raid, but this has been one of the most fun raiding experiences I've had in game, and I looked forward to it every week and was there whenever possible.

Max is a fabulous organizer and a really nice guy, and I appreciate him and everyone else who put in the time and effort to make this happen every week. Herding cats is a LOT of work and frequently not done this well :-)

We also were lucky enough to have a really cool group of ppl who showed up intending to have fun (as well as kill some bosses) which is something often forgotten in raiding.

I hope these runs continue, or if there's a lull due to the pre-expac slump or whatever maybe they'll pick up again in MoP. We've all seen ppl leave and return with expansions:P

I've accepted the invite for this week, and I'll be on so I hope to see you guys there :-)
Hey dulcita <3

Thanks for the kind words.

I've in game mailed you the info you requested. :D

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