Skyrim: First impressions...

Epic! I'm going to put an extremely unhealthy amount of time into this game.

Define Irony - Posting on the realm forums that I am about to put an unhealthy amount of time into a game.

Define Epic - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Who cares about Skyrim? It's 11/11/11!!!
11/11/2011 02:02 AMPosted by Obfuscation
It's 11/11/11!!!

Nigel Tufnel rules!!!!!!!!!!!
never gonna finish FFT:A now

btw nice spider head

btw nice spider head

Hey now. Rag ain't gonna kill himself.
I like it's combat more than previous TES games. The environment is FAR superior as well.

Tinkering with a stealth-archer type toon and a caster so far.
never gonna finish FFT:A now

btw nice spider head

Don't worry, starting over 52 times is part of the fun.
Best. Game. Evar.
Only beat it once so far (stealth archer) with enough side quests to hit lvl 43.

My current toon, a heavy armor using destro-mage is just starting (lvl 10).

The crafting system can be abused a bit (or a lot) however.

Much better than Oblivion though.

One correction: the relative leveling speeds for various skills are very off kilter.

Got to 100 archery a good bit before finishing and my light armor barely hit 70 with me letting things hit me sometimes to make it higher. I pretty much stayed in stealth my entire time in dungeons and didn't even hit 80 stealth.
most of my problems with this are hardware related. there is apparently no hardware mouse input so your y-sensitivity varies depending on your framerate. disabling vsync makes the game-time move faster (wtf) and gives you crazy physics glitches (wtf). leaving it on gives you insane mouse lag. the fix to leave vsync on but get rid of the mouse lag gives you weird sound glitches as well as the game-time glitch.


could definitely benefit from some rebalancing, and some perk trees seem not well thought-out. it would make more sense for you to automatically unlock new smithing patterns as your smithing level increases, and have the perks actually do something interesting. having to choose between spending your perks on crafting junk or combat skills early on is kinda dumb.

pickpocketing levels way too fast.

magic-only builds seem kinda weak compared to everything else. towards the end of the game when you get like 90% destruction spell cost reduction it's usable, but midgame it kinda sucks. its kinda weird how there isnt any gear that increases spell damage (besides potions) but it's pretty easy to get 400+ attack power with a melee weapon.

the default value for +x% blacksmithing/alchemy/enchanting gear should be lower. when only using generic gear that you can find/buy and not exploiting the endless alchemy/enchanting loop its too easy to craft a weapon that will 1 shot everything.

leveling armor skills takes too long.

horses shouldnt be able to run up steep cliffs.

the interface blows hardcore. items you have equipped should move to the top of the list. the game shouldnt highlight items on the pc version like it does on consoles, you rarely end up even clicking the highlighted thing anyway. sorting options in general would be great. it would be nice if the menu showed what your character looked like.

besides those i think im enjoying it more than morrowind.
leveling armor skills takes too long.
This 1000%.

The Magic fortify enchants are WAY op.

Now that I capped chanting I have 90% resist for all elements and 0 mana cost for destro spells.
thanks bethesda for updating the skyrim exe and encrypting it so large address aware no longer works :-|
Run all the way through to the end of the mine full of low level bandits by Riverwood and just stand around letting them hit you. It levels block and armor skills at a decent rate, skills which level really slowly if you kill with any kind of efficiency.

It's boring, but like the problem with perks and balance between physical and magic, and the other derp ways to level skills it will probably never be changed.
Go to

Read the article posted on November 23,2011 @ 1:55 P.M.

Go to

Read the article posted on November 23,2011 @ 1:55 P.M.

Just the title alone.

You find the best stuff.

I want to shake that troll's hand.

Is the entire site a similar Onion-like satire of fundies, or did the Skyrim article just slip past their quality control?

o.O it is. I had actually never heard of this site before. Time to have some fun.
oblivion was better.
I hate to bump such an old thread, but greatness of this kind comes so rarely. Since it is technically Skyrim related I prefer to just give it to you here.

So prepare yourselves. The sky is the limit!
LMAO, I gotta say, "macho man is coming for ya" that !@#$ had me crackin' up. When I first heard of this mod I dismissed right away as something to silly for something I want in my Skyrim, but man, I love that there are videos of it on youtube.

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