[H] Boomr's GDKP 1/12 - Link to Sign-Ups Here

UPDATE: New Sign-Ups for the January 12th run are open! Follow the link below and sign up NOW! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in game!

You MUST sign up via the form in the GDKP site linked below. Though it may seem tedious, this will make me slightly less likely to go crazy and keep things organized. The site also includes all of the rules and regulations for the run.


Saturdays - Invites - 6:15PM - Pull @ 6:30PM
Raid Ends at Approximately 10:30PM Server

Go show some love for gear and gold and sign up today!

Follow Link above for Pandaland

Follow Link above for Pandaland

Follow Link above for Pandaland

Get it?

How do I get involved?

Sign up! There's a link in the TL;DR section at the top, it may change from week to week. The form will give us a bit of information about your character, your experience and your spending. We use the information to create a group that will clear the instance, and generate a balanced run that will give everyone an opportunity to get the gear they want, and the gold to make it worthwhile for everyone.

Here's what our process looks like:

Expressions of interest - if you are interested in coming at all, you should sign up! Tell your friends! Please take the time to fill it in completely with any relevant information - this is how we screen people and put the run together, so if you don't provide us an armory link/let us know what your gear is like/tell us what items you want then it makes it harder for us, and we might pass you over for someone that has given us information to work with.

Bear in mind that (at this stage), you will need to submit a new signup each week.

A calendar event will be created in-game on Thursday. Log onto the character you've signed up and check to see whether or not you've been accepted. Mail your deposit to Boomr OR Lifeboomr to confirm your invitation, then game on!

Once your deposit has been received, your status will be updated to 'confirmed'. The roster will be viewable in-game on the calendar event. Then, after the Saturday/Sunday raid, the process begins anew.

Please note
If you cannot attend for any reason, LET ME KNOW. Get in touch with my characters (Boomr/Lifeboomr) via whisper, or send a mail to Boomr. If you say you will attend, I expect you to be there, and not turning up means you will not be invited in subsequent weeks.

Keep an eye on this thread for updates - The TL;DR section at the top will be updated as the week goes on!


What are the rules and guidelines?

Rules and requirements
Firstly, the important stuff - the rules.

+This is a GDKP run. All drops *excluding* those related to the Dragonwrath questline will be auctioned for gold, which will be split between those in raid at the end of the run. +Additionally, to fund feasts/cauldrons/repairs/compensate us for our time operating the run, an extra share will be generated (Making your share 1/26 vs 1/25 of the pot). +Leaving the run early forfeits your share to your replacement or the raid at large if one is not used.
+There is no silent/private bidding. Anyone can bid on any item - there is ample time for you to bid, and late bids will not be accepted under any circumstances.
+Similarly, bids cannot be retracted once they are made.
+You must trade the master looter gold before receiving your item.
+Any items that are not bid on will be disenchanted - there are no exceptions to this rule.
+If you are a full carry, you are expected to be placing reasonable bids on all items that are useful to you. Recall you submitted your spending expectations as part of your signup. +Failing to bid means you will be removed.
+If you are a buyer or carrier that is under performing, you will be removed.
+If you consistently cause issues/wipes for the raid, you will be removed.
+This is solely at my discretion - while I do not want to or intend to remove anyone, I reserve the right to do so for any reason - including those listed or otherwise.
+The raid leader has final say in all disputes involving gold, items or players and reserves the right to take any action for the success of the raid.


Other Requirements + Guidelines + Misc Info:

+Don't be a %!@@%##@! While people are in the run for different reasons, nobody is coming to be abused.
+Please do not AFK randomly, and especially immediately after a boss while loot is being distributed.
+Don't waste everyone's time by bidding more than you have.
+Be on vent, and pay attention to what's being called
+Have fun, and try to keep everything going smoothly.
+If you're being carried hard, we expect you'll be bidding on things. If you aren't, then we might replace you. If your stuff doesn't drop, that's one thing. Not bidding is another!
/Bump ^_^
Great new system Boomr! Looks like u worked really long on it!
Please read the entirety of the post to follow the correct sign-up process. The links to both of the forms to sign up for Group 1 and Group 2 are posted near the top of the tread.

Fill out the form completely and submit it
Nice work Boomr, makes it alot easier.
Read the post... you don't sign up in game or in a reply to the forum post anymore... sign up on the link above!
Great response on the forms so far!

Please be sure that you are being as thorough as possible when filling out your wishlist / gold pool. It will directly affect whether or not you get an invite to the runs!
Need some more people with some deep pockets and some undergeared alts to come into either group!

Fill out a form at the top of the page or hit me up for more info!
Great response on the forms so far!

Please be sure that you are being as thorough as possible when filling out your wishlist / gold pool. It will directly affect whether or not you get an invite to the runs!

In that case, I hope you enjoy my ridiculously comprehensive textwall of a wishlist, hopefully it doesn't break the form.
Holy text wall Batman!

That's what I'm talking about for sure!
Bring me more alts with deep pockets! Get your toons ready for Dragon Soul!
Daily bump!

I will close sign-ups late tomorrow / early Thursday in order to solidify my roster.

Get at me now!
Bump for truth! 2 weekly GDKPs, both 1/7(H). There are GUILDS that aren't even 7/7 normal. This is the spot to be. Get at Boomr. He like rich young boys.
Bring your alts in greens and wallets

Signed up with my rogue for sunday's group as well reáper, alt 160 for the á

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