[H] Boomr's GDKP 1/12 - Link to Sign-Ups Here

Bump for success.
Top. Will be posting details about Dragon Soul soon
Endorsed! Highly successful run. 1/7H today as well.

Thanks again. Bump!

Bump, Next week's FL forms have been posted, will be finishing DS stuff as quickly as possible
Bump! Come make some gold on Thanksgiving weekend!
This guy was 365 the first time i took him in, deep pockets got me to 378 in no time, this run is great.
Free bump!

PS: I blend into a sea of Boomrs.

Sign up for Dragon Soul NOW!

You want that sexy ds loot.
Bump for 4.3 and a lot of gold!!!
/Bump ^_^
Bump - Happy 4.3 all! Have fun today getting into the new stuff

Remember to get over to the site and sign up for this weekend!!!
Get pumped for this. NAO!
Bump! Sign ups open!
Bump! More sign-ups!
bump for lfr deathwing kill

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