[H] Tabbed Out is Recruiting! 8/8H 25 Man

Bleeding Hollow
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Tabbed Out is currently looking for the following:

Feral Druid .:: tank/dps hybrid ::.
Resto/Elemental Shaman .:: healing competency must be proven ::.

Ret Paladin

However, applicants of other classes/specs will still be considered if exceptional, see below for pertinent information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Darkranger, Sikwit, Ryokochan, or Jailbait on the server or through our boards.


All bosses down on normal.

Current heroic progression
Dragon Soul - 8/8
-Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
-Warlord Zon'ozz
-Warmaster Blackhorn
-Spine of Deathwing
-Madness of Deathwing

All bosses down on normal.

Current heroic progression:
Firelands - 7/7 - Shannox
- Beth'tilac
- Lord Ryolith
- Alysrazor
- Baleroc
- Major Domo
- Ragnaros*


All bosses down on normal.

Current heroic progression:
Throne - 2/2 - Conclave of Wind, Al'Akir*
BWD - 6/6 - Chimaeron, Atramedes, Maloriak, Magmaw, Omnotron, Nefarian
BoT - 3/5 - Halfus, V&T, Cho'Gall, Council* Sinestra*

*Killed on 10man only

10/13 - 25Man Heroic

What <Tabbed Out> goals are:
The raids led are to be fun, effective and efficient. We expect members to help make this happen. The guild’s main focus is progressing quickly in end-game 10 and 25 man content. We in <Tabbed Out> strive to be the best and so we will only take the best. We expect all members to be fully committed to pushing as far each night as possible. We expect all members to come fully prepared for a full night of wiping on one boss, both financially (enough money to pay for repairs and consumables), and mentally (no whining because things are hard). We are not a true hardcore guild. We do not raid enough to pretend we have a shot at world firsts, and probably not even realm firsts, but we believe that time should not be wasted while you have committed to our raid schedule.

Some of the players in <Tabbed Out> have been together for many years and this guild is very tightly-knit. We encourage the use of peoples’ real names and we encourage our members to get to know one another as more than just pixels, to get to know one another on more personal levels. The leaders of this guild believe that a guild that is socially close is much more likely to succeed than a group of hired mercenaries. If your idea of being in a guild is to log on at raid time, collect whatever loot your spreadsheet tells you to, and log off, then <Tabbed Out> is not for you. Since a lot of the members in the guild know each other, there are many jokes thrown around. Some of these jokes people would deem “crude." We will use potentially offensive language in both G-chat and Vent. We are a mature raiding guild that likes to enjoy our time raiding together. If you cannot handle these types of jokes or profane language, then <Tabbed Out> is not the guild for you.

Progression Days:
Wednesday @ 8 server
Thursday @ 8 server
Sunday @ 8 Server

<Tabbed Out>has strict application and prospective member (PM) guidelines. While on your PM process with us, do not expect the trial invite to go through without a challenge. We will put you in situations that require you to show us your quality as a player and as a person. If the guild does not find you to be a good fit, you are always welcome to learn from your mistakes and try again. If you are inducted into the ranks of <Tabbed Out>, it is expected that you do all of the following listed below. Your application is our first impression of you so give it careful thought and consideration when filling it out. The more complete, detailed, and comprehensive your application, the better our first impressions will be. The level of attention we give your application will be commensurate with the level of effort you put into it.

What we expect from members:
- Show us, at every raid, that you deserve to be on our raiding roster. The schedule is casual, the progression is not.
- Have a good time raiding, but know when it is time to focus and be serious (i.e. clear vent and listen to directions).
- Be on time.
- Possess all of the following traits: competence, skill, intelligence, commitment, willingness to listen, eagerness to learn, drive to improve, and thick skin. That is, be able to take a joke and return in kind.
- Recognize your own mistakes and own up to them.
- Recognize when you are having a bad day (these happen to everyone) and alert the raid leaders.
- Take criticism without taking it personally.

Attendance and DKP:
You are expected to retain at least a 66% raid attendance. Attendance lower than the required 66% will result in loss of raider status. We do, however, understand that things come up in real life, and that you may be unable to log on for some period of time. All that we ask is that you post in our private forums when you will be unable to log on and tell us how long you expect to be gone. In regards to dkp, we use a system that was created back in our days of Everquest. Members earn dkp for every 30 minutes they raid and are able to send in their own bids for items they would like to acquire. Bids are received and raiders who make the initial minimum-cost cut will be able to roll what they bid; if a raider wants a particular item, he or she can bid as much as dkp as they have or even as little, giving the raider control of how much they think an item is worth. A further explanation and example is given on our guild website on dkp at:
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ilvl 360 mage lf a more active guild. I've got a great new gaming rig and would really like to see it handling some of the more serious endgame action. So far ToT4w is the best I've seen, but I'd love to become a regular raid attendee.
Stealing tank swords from the tanks!
1/8 huzzah
Interested in an Enhancement/Resto shaman? :)
actually . . . xD
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Got your in-game message Astinia, waiting for you to accept my Real ID to chat :)
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