<Alone> 16/16 h25man LF Shaman, warlock

Aerie Peak
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<Alone> of Aerie Peak is recruiting for MoP!

Raid Times
7-10 EST, Monday through Thursday, strict 12h

Current progression:
6/6h Mogu'Shan Vaults 25man
6/6h Heart of Fear
4/4h Terrace of Endless Springs

UPDATED Class Needs: 2/13/12
# resto/ele shaman
# warlock
# balance druid
# We are always looking for exceptional players - please apply on our website even if your class is not openly recruited!

About us

The officers and guild founders raided in "hardcore" raid guilds, and decided this atmosphere and play style was not what we envisioned our gameplay to be, so we created this guild. We like to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere in our raids, no point in playing a game if you're not having fun, right?

However we still uphold many of the beliefs of a hardcore progression guild. This includes properly gemmed/reforged/enchanted gear with the best of each available, tradeskills that are good for your class, raid effectiveness, reasonable attendance, and players being able to maximize themselves and focus for each boss attempt. These are basic requirements that should be nothing new to raiders.

Being a raider in <Alone> you are provided everything you need for raiding (flasks, potions, enchants and repair money)! All you need to do is show up for raids, play well and have fun.

With that said, we are not a "hard-core, progression guild". We don't extend raid times during progression and we don't expect to fight for server firsts. However we do expect well paced progression to come with our raid style - which is short, but effectively spent raid time.

What we are looking for
# Players who enjoy raiding and challenge above all else.
# Players who know how to maximize their usefulness to the raid and the guild.
# Players who put raid/guild's needs above personal interest.
# Players who can think for themselves first, and follow directions second.
# We hate all forms of complaining, trolling or general negativity. This applies within and outside of the guild. Respect is important to us.
# Finally, we are looking for players who want to have fun while working on harder content at our own pace.


Please post an application or contact Eneia in game.
Heroic modes soon!
UPDATED Class Needs: 2/12/11

Sigh Europeans and their DD/MM/YYYY

Is this where I find the cookies?
Damn world of logs client still doesn't work on my computer >.>

Really do wanna apply though those raid times are perfect.

L2Download Java.
Bump for Heroic Morchok!
Damn world of logs client still doesn't work on my computer >.>

Really do wanna apply though those raid times are perfect.

L2Download Java.

He needs to learn alot more than that.
Up for Heroic F'ing Hagara!

US 5th
World 10th

For 25man lolwut?
Because we had a better chance at killing Hagara this week<3

y ur guild banned sleepee? OHLOL
i skip bosses too
hipster hat!
we skipped them because hagarra had a new model and the others didnt
Didn't you attempt to get in bed with Hagara cuz you were diggin' her new bod
12/09/2011 07:45 AMPosted by Sfumare

Work smarter, not harder

I'll just leave this here(It's worth watching, I promise):




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