♪ KILLTHEME 13/13H LF DPS and Heals ♪

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KILLTHEME If your looking for a place to hang your hat, bull!@#$ with good folks and kill digital loot pinatas then this is the place for you. Our emphasis is on quality over quantity. You can achieve a great deal in a limited amount of time with focus and knowledge of the task at hand. We are a Military friendly environment and understand that Family and Work are priorities.

HFC Heroic 13/13 Norm 13/13

We are looking for skilled players for mythic progression. We will look at all players and past raid XP is always a bonus even if your a little behind. Current open positions as of 10/06//2015

Raids Are currently Tues/Thurs/Mon 10:30 PM-1:30 AM EST.

DPS-We will look at any skilled and appropriately geared DPS regardless of class, Please be 695 ilvl up or close and have the last stage of the legendary or prior stage with partial completion of final stage.
Preference DPS Specs are Spriest/Boomkin/Rogue and Heals are Resto Sham/Disc/Monk/Paly heals. We will look at 1 appropriately geared Non DK tank also.

Guild Mantra
Our goals are simple.
1. Clear all content.
2. Provide a quality raiding experience with emphasis on continued improvement.
(You can always be better!)
3. Have fun. Raiding is hard work but the ends justify the means.

If your guild is dead or dying and you need a home or if you are just looking for a change of direction please contact any officer in game via mail or message.

For more info on joining send a in game tell or mail to Darcfrost (Darcfrost#1850) for questions concerning recruitment.
Recruitment is open. Looking for Hunter x1 Boomkin x1 Spriest x1.

Until just recently, I read your guild name as Kill The Me, and not Kill Theme.
(badly placed or non-placed lower/uppercase letters to blame i guess).

Gracias Glayde,

You aren't the first one to make that mistake. Though (kill the me) is still a apt analogy being that to have success one must often take the (me) out of the equation and add in the (we) in a group setting like a MMO.

V/R Darcfrost GM of KILLTHEME...pronounced Kill Theme..lol Caps cruise control to cool!
Lok'tar Ogar

"Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy."

Quote from General George S. Patton

Says it all.

Bump for Senor Darcfrost!
Also, I thought it was "Kill the Me" at first, too :P
Updated recruitment needs for Nov 27 2011. Hunter/Druid dps
Recruitment updated Dec 2nd 2011. Looking for Druids Boomkin/Kitty and resto.
Hey look, it's Darcfrost
bump for my old mount nemesis
Updated recruitment Dec 8th 2011. We are currently Looking for Skilled Tanks and Ranged with 1 healing posistion open for a Holy Paly or exceptional Resto druid.

V/R Darcfrost GM of KILLTHEME and friend to Murloc's everywhere
Updated Dec 10th 2011. In Need of Skilled tanks, pref Warrior or Paly but will look at any with gear and XP. Healing spots open for a Holy Paly and Disc priest.
Recruitment updated Dec 15th 2011

Tanks All classes War/Paly pref though
Heals Paly /Disc
Dps Hunter/Spriest/Wars

btw make that 8/8 DS imo
Feral tanks can't do DS because of the loss of dodge or something.
Or was that ICC? I don't know.
Current Recruitment needs as of Dec 23 2011. Happy holidays folks.

Tanks -Prot Wars/Blood DK
Heals -Holy Paly
DPS -Hunter/Spriest/Wars

V/R Darcfrost GM of KILLTHEME and friend to murloc's everywhere. MRRRLGGGGLL!
b u mp
Current Recruitment needs as of Dec 30 2011. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the best in the coming year.

DK Blood Spec 1x
Paladin 1x Holy 1xRet
Warz DPS1x Prot 1x
Priest 1x Shadow
Hunter 1x MM/Surv
Druid 1x Boomkin

V/R Darcfrost GM of KILLTHEME and friend to Murlocs everywhere

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