Anyone have ideas for new forms/upgrades?

I've been thinking, and the transformations now are very standard which is fine. But at the same time, boring. Anyone have ideas for them? I had one idea and it was upgraded forms. A shot in the dark but you get to 85/90 and either you pick a form to upgrade, or they all are. (Most likely you pick one)

EX. X has reached level 90!
X goes to trainer and picks bear form to upgraded
X's Bear form is now Bull Form: Appearance is that of a bull, Stam/Agil/Strength/etc increased by X

I could see Cat form being Lion Form, Moonkin turning into something like it but maybe it has some war like armor on it and a change in color maybe, tree form I don't know yet, then the bird / aquatic forms are likely untouched.
Pigeon form.

If we're going to be pigeonholed into specific roles...we might as well fit.
heh, maybe. I was thinking whale form for water, and a larger bird form with a color change for flight. As for tree of life I've decided for it to go back as the original, then the upgraded is current day. Otherwise idk...
change my bear into a bull and id delete my druid. one of the reason i play my druid is to be a big bear. it's also one of the reasons i even made it
bear > bull

also, worgen and tauren already look like lions
Really? Imagine a huge bull with huge horns and firous eyes charging at you... and I mean even more so of a lion, like the one you get from your guild
Why don't people not get it? To add a different form is like creating a new character for Blizzard... you have to animate it to the various moves that the class/spec can do. It's NOT MERELY a re-skinning request.
Here's some thoughts for our movement forms:

Travel Form should mimic the Cervidae family (stag/deer):

Tauren: Moose (cow-like)
Troll: Fallow Deer (most vibrant coat of the four with spots and white underbelly)
Night Elf: Reindeer (what most people think of when they see 'Stag')
Worgen: Elk (beastly Stag)

Aquatic Form should mimic Sea Lions (agile aquatic mammals). Genus species are in ( ):

Tauren: Australian Fur Seal (Arctocephalus pusillus, biiiig robust sea lions) or a Walrus (they're in the same order as sea lions)
Troll: California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus, could see this iconic sea lion with stripes/spots/tusks for Trolls)
Night Elf: New Zealand Sea Lion (Phocarctos hookeri, could see with more prominent ears)
Worgen: South American Sea Lion (Otaria flavescens, prominent mains and upturned snouts like a dog)

Flight Form:

Troll: Vulture (to be in line with the other 3 druid races all being birds)
Tauren: keep current model
Night Elf: Owl or the current model
Worgen: keep current model
Lion form? My cat form already looks like a lion.
i'm more into 2 options:

either gives us the 'viper' form with its matching skillset - ranged dps with nature/magic damage and dots

OR for those who wants to be awesome

an option to 'embrace the flame' - morphing their forms to the power of fire.

we have firecat built. firehawk exists. wuts there stopping firebear and the rest? :)
I know making an new model is hard, but a lot of it COULD be a reskin.
kittycat form, give us a new dot ability that's just pouncing onto the target's back and hanging on while we use our other attacks.

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