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Guild Recruitment
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Still looking! Will be around at some point tomorrow! Night!
Hey, I notice that you have bumped this many times, so I'm not quite sure what you are looking for atm. I play ms protection paladin, 385 ilvl, and I'm looking for a raiding guild. I have little ex with ds hms, but I was part of a hm,7/8, raiding guild on a boomkin in firelands content. I realize that my ilvl and ex are low, but I am a fast learner. I also have a friend interested in dpsing mop content, has every max level toon, and is open to playing any class needed.
I always update my first post when our recruitment needs change so for sure its 100% up to date on the first page. Right now we are in need of a tank, but I'm concerned you may not have enough gear for our current progression. For tanks we typically do not budge on our ilvl requirement just due to the nature of the job.

I still wouldn't mind chatting with you in game sometime if possible to speak more in-depth rather then over the forum. Feel free to add me to Real ID and we'll catch each other tomorrow some time. I'm also looking to recruit for MoP and would be open to your friend. Please leave your name and server on the real ID message so I know who you are though :)
Still looking - may have found another tank but still taking apps! Open recruiting atm for the most part!
Still looking!
^^ =)
Are you still looking for a Frost DK?
Yeah, we lost a melee dps last night and are looking to fill it before Tuesday.
Still looking! Yay Kirby!
Still looking!
Still looking!
Still looking!
(>'.'<) Who, me?

Yes we want you!
Still looking!
Still looking!
Still indeed, looking!

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