Bank Bag slots not working

Bug Report
I bought extra bag slots in bank for an alt and got nothing except a empty slot wanting 25 gold to activate. i paid for 4 slots have nothing but a bunch of stuff in mail that can't go anywhere. Did an in-game ticket to GM. That was worthless, says IT knows and working on it hopefully it will be done before patch is the response i got. That's fine they know about it, but in the mean time give me my gold back since i got nothing that i paid for. That was a waste of 36 gold and can't even play my alts because i have no where to put items. Might as well go buy Skyrim or something.
Did you disable your addons?
You need to put bags into the slots you bought.
Answering the last 2 responses, I have no addons that would prevent bags slots from being purchased. Next response: The bags will not go into slot, when purchased the slot turn dark again an shows a price of 25g to purchase even though i just bought the slot. My problem besides the fact that the toon is worthless now, unless i sell equipment i would like to keep, is that instead of returning my gold until problem is corrected my answer was IT is aware and hopefully the problem is solved before next patch. Well since we do not know when that is I would have appreciated my gold back until that time.
Guess someone's doing their job, my bags have been restored. Hopefully whatever the problem was it is corrected now. Nothing worse than paying and not playing.
The EXACT same thing happened to me! Even up to the buying of 4 bank bag slots. I was ok to the 2nd one, where I had 28 slots. Then I paid more slots. Like an idiot, I waited a day, until I heard back from the GM, figuring maybe it was taking a while to compute, and put in Another 25G. Guess What? Big surprise. Same thing.

Put into GM> Apparently I had asked him a question, like solving the National debt, because he "thought" that the extra money was to buy a slot (one) into which I could put another bag full of stuff. So according to him, I should have gotten two new slots, for 35G. He couldnt seem to address the fact that I had the same slots (28) when I had only purchased 2 bank slots (10S first, 1G 2nd)

So, I tried putting my 20 slot mining bag (full) into it; which wouldnt have been too bad a deal. Guess what? The Bank said, "you cannot put a filled bag into the bank bag." Yes, it would take an EMPTY bag; what good is THAT. Meanwhile, another GM had responded w HIS life experiences, and Yes, he agree w the the other GM, that was exactly the case. ALL you had to do was put in a bag. This was BEFORE I tried it. I'm fuming!

I told the GM (third try) just find someone who actually KNOWS the game and TELL me how Many bank slots do you get when you have paid for 4? And why do I have as many slots available as I did when I only had two instead of four.

For $16.00 mo (w the "debit check" for $1) this game is seriously dead. They charge more than my credit card charges interest per month, and you can at least call them on the phone. Forget that here. I have better things to do w my money.
Thought this had happened to me. The Purchase button was gone, the bag slots were grayed out. It turned out I had purchased the bag slot some time back and had never put a bag in it. When I dropped a bag on the gray slot, the bag got put into the bank and all was good.
same problem here, i log with all my addons disabled and try to use the bank slots, but i can't switch between the bag slots.

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