Any Filipino/Pinoy Guilds in Ilidian Server?

My current server has at least 4 known guilds that are Filipino, how about in Illidan?
11/13/2011 11:10 AMPosted by Rawryoùrface
You mean no more? What happened?
I just transfered to Illidan. Kind a sad to know that there's no Filipino guild in this server. I wish there are people who would build a new one just for Pinoy socialization and the likes. If someone is out there who are willing to create one, count me in.
we can build one
gawa tyo sali
Pretty sure that's why they made oceanic servers, which Illidan is not.
lakas talaga nang pinoy
At least they speak in the English alphabet, unlike those rude other people we could talk about.
There are many pinoy players out there without a guild or spread out..
Here are some servers that they are in:

Nagrand - (H) Gwapings
Dreadmaul - (A) Intrepids (x)inactive
Area52 - (madaming pinoy)
Coilfang - (H) Katipunan (x)disbanded
Silvermoon - (H) Bayani (x)disbanded
Uldum - (H) Nefarious (x)disbanded
Cho'gall - (madaming pinoy)

- (H) KAS*
- (H) Happy Endings*
- (H) Pinoy (x) Inactive
- (H) Extra Rice (x) Inactive
- (H) Powered by Rice (x) Inactive
- (H) Galit (x) Inactive

Saurfang - (A) Batibot
Trollbane - (A) Katipunero (x)Inactive
Echo Isles - (magaming pinoy)
Dragonblight - madaming pinoy

NOTE: I'm sure there are many other pinoy guilds out there that we dont know about. PINOY PRIDE ^.^ Keep up the great work sa inyong lahat! And if you are still looking for a guild and no where to go?


nandito lang kami para sa inyo..
Mga kababayan searching for a guild..
We are (-7 GMT) California Timezone Guild.
<Kapamilya at Samahan> Stormscale Server - HORDE

We have created a guild for the WOW Filipino Community Gamers and their friends, a place for companionship. adventure, economic gain and much more. KAS was founded March 7, 2010 created by Pinoy Gamers World Wide with years of MMO Experience. We have gathered together for one purpose, we want want to unite Fil-Am Gamers World Wide under one banner. We provide a friendly and developed social environment for different level players. Our primary focus is to effectively promote to enchance our group skills, including strategy, camaraderie, respect and fun.We believe quantity is nothing without quality.

For MOP we are combining 2 of our evening teams to form 25man.
All classes are welcome at the moment! So pls hurry and apply! We currently have 30+ players already signed up for MOP! Looking for more..

(ALSO Currently) Recruiting for our DS-HEROIC (10MAN) H 8/8:
AM Team (-7 GMT) Wed Thr@ 7:45am
- Holy Pally
- Holy Priest or Disc Priest

PM Team (-7 GMT) Fri, Sat@ 7:45pm
- Resto Shaman
- Resto Druid

If you're interested in joining us simply go to the link below: ^.^
Im half pinoy lol. As a matter of fact, I was in the Philippines in Sept 2008 when Typhoon Feng-Shen hit and plowed through Manilla sinking M/V Princess Of The Stars. I was in Cebu when it hit and we got the SW end of the storm.
Pretty sure that's why they made oceanic servers, which Illidan is not.

if only the chinese spamming trade knew there were chinese servers as well =[
sa Nagrand po? ano guilds meron?
Half Filipino here, my server is Illidan :))
I would like a 4-piece meal with a side of gravy and coleslaw, also please add a large pepsi to drink. Thank you.

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