Any Filipino/Pinoy Guilds in Ilidian Server?

even the authoritieees.... are minoritieeees.... in my waterpaaaaark....
Kalut you'r the problem and ur racist
<AGIMAT> ALL Filipino Guild in US-Illidan Horde server, with 200+ members, currently recruiting for 25man progression.

Raid times:

Friday - 9pm to 12midnight PH time
Saturday - 9pm to 12midnight PH time
Sunday - 9pm to 12midnight PH time

Pm na lang kahit sinong officer na online for invite. Or create a toon if you wanna check the server first. Kita kits!
Hi mga pogi..just checking :)

ALLY SIDE ( east time )

join us mga kababayan!

Black Dragonflight, Skullcrusher and Gul'dan

add me tjay#1967
Brand new Filipino guild now recruiting.

Guild name: PinoyPinay

Horde side: Pacific Time Zone

Server: Bonechewer, Aegwynn, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar

Private Message "dot#11744" for more details. Tara game na!
saan po maraning filipino na realm?

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