[A] <The Sha'nash> - Down at waggle rock.

Moon Guard
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Looking for people to do late night BGs with me. :<

C'mon, I'm on holidays! You know you wanna >.>
Nhadi said we needed to bump this...
I said that too! And look at me! Bumping this! Gosh!
Manual Breathing.
Bump it!
*runs away with Anzhela*

Mine now.



*watches thread fall over, and dives to catch it before it shatters*

Maybe I should not bump...
I think Delaynee wants a pocket Anzhela.
/posting in order to get the thread back on page 1.

Toasting in an epic bread.
Hug a roleplayer today...

...do your part to help stop the spread of derpes.
*runs around with sharp tentacle cutting knife* BATI WHERE ARE YOU QQ
Bumping for my favourite Space Goats.

That's not a word, but I'll make it one! Yessir.
I be likin' fiya take dem pretty horns, gyaal....
What is this doing on the second page?


We are the few...

...the proud...

...The Sha'nash.

(or at least, they let me hang around with them...)
I'd say a bit more than few.


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