RO 2 day DS 6/8H LF Resto Sham & Hunter

Do you want to raid current content and into heroics at a competitive level? Would you like to see more progression than your current guild with less days raiding? If so, then you're like me and you might be a good fit over here in RO. We are looking to make solid progression in 4.3 10 man, but on a manageable time frame.

How are we going to accomplish this feat? By focusing on quality instead of quantity. The game has changed a lot over the years and with the way content is, you can have a quality raid week with solid progression without the need for 3-4 days of raiding. Many guilds today raid 4 days a week and see less progress than their 2-3 day counterparts, this is due to efficiency and that's our aim here.

We are raiding Tue/Wed 8-1130est. I know there are others like me who have played for a long time and still enjoy raiding but are looking to step down from the ultra hardcore raiding schedule and take a more relaxed approach while still pushing through bosses efficiently and with like minded people that have the skill and experience to get the job done on a short schedule.

Currently we are 5/8H 10 in DS and are looking for the following classes as we continue our push.

Outstanding Resto Shaman

Of course any other quality players are encouraged to apply as well.

We are striving to push hard and move quickly through heroics on our short schedule.

If you are interested in learning more then feel free to hit me up in-game or drop me a mail and we can talk more, you can also add me to real id at and visit our site at
We are also open to 10 man groups that would be interested stepping up to a 25 man raid environment.
Hmm, do you guys do normals or heroics? (I'm more for normals.)
Are you going to run Dungeons on off nights cause I need justice points for gear.
We'd run dungeons like any other guild does. Some people will run them to cap valor points for the week. Especially with the new VP raid changes, everyone will have to run some dungeons to cap points. Raiding wise, we are looking for people with a solid raiding history.

Should have solid heroic experience and pushing into heroic gear. If you don't have the gear to even do normal Dragon Soul then you're better off just spending your time doing Looking for Raid groups.
Welcome back
Thanks man
What's good Vamp? And thanks for the bump:P
much appreciated:P
bump bump :)
11/20/2011 04:58 AMPosted by Uchirosan
What's good Vamp? And thanks for the bump:P

Not too much. I'm ready for 4.3!
We're still looking for a few more ranged dps and any quality players that want to push heroics on a 2 day schedule come 4.3.
And a return bump for you....
much appreciated:P
Uchi i didnt see you in the new twilight movie?! what the hell? and dont kick my rogue.

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