Fastest Way to Farm Honor?

Hey I just had some quick questions.

What is the fastest way you guys have found to farm honor? Just que for random BG's? Que for specific BG's? Tol Borad? Im pretty new to lvl 85 pvp and honor grinding, so I dont know how Tol Borad works or the best way to farm honor.

Also, is it worth tanking heroics at lvl 85 and then converting justice points into honor points? Is that faster knowing that you can get guaranteed honor points from conversion rather than hoping on winning the bg's?

Your thoughts are much appreciated!
put on music do randoms
cap your jp and convert to honor in 4.3
save honor do not spend until then
tol barad gives the most. but its 2hr in between.

then av. which you can que all day long,

best is to just que up and enjoy it, try not to think about
it, just take it as comes, a watched pot never boils.

stay near objectives, so you get the extra honor buff.

farm or bs are usually the best places in ab to gain the most honor.

farming honor, through pvp or pve and converting points, is a grind
theres really no great short cut that will make it seem like youve discovered
the fastest way.

just have at it and keep grinding. i say go with random bgs, cuz you can work out the bugs in your rotations and keybinds/macros while gearing up.
Do the 4 grizzly hills dailies every day, it takes about 10 mins and gets just over 200h with guild perks. This is more than you get for losing a bg.

Do the random or weekly bgs, toss down a guild flagpole when it gets hot and heavy.

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