<Nemesis> (6/7 Heroic) LFM 25 Man Raiders

Guild Name-Nemesis
Realm-US Baelgun
Progress-6/7 Heroic

About Nemesis
- We have been established and raiding since Vanilla/BC
- We are a 25 man semi-hardcore/hardcore raiding guild
- Our Main Raid times are 7:00pm-10:00pm PST Monday-Thursday
- Our alt run is on Saturday and raids 9:00am-1:00pm PST
- We do RBG's as well as arena on a casual basis

What You Can Expect
- During raids, we raid. Yes, we joke and have fun, but raid time is for raiding and is treated as such. If a player is being consistantly disruptive to the raid, they will be removed.
- Drama is NOT tolerated.
- This is an adult guild. We have no set age requirement, but we require maturity.
- We do good progression in a tightly knit guild, and have a lot of fun with great raiders
- Mature language is allowed. Again, this is an adult guild and if you will be offended by mature language in guild chat, or vent/mumble, this may not be the guild for you.

What We Expect From You
- As a DPS, 22k+ DPS Minimum
- As a healer there is no set number requirement, your requirement is to keep us alive without going oom in the first 3 minutes :)
- Essentially, do your research. Put the time in and it will pay off for all of us.
- If you are not doing well in a fight, or if we think another class may do better, we may ask you to sit for that fight while we progress.
- We expect 90% attendance to the main raid to be a main raider. If you cannot make a raid, then notify an officer or post on our website, so that we know not to expect you.
- We will progress though content at its highest difficulty level. Yes these fights will be hard, Blizzard does this for our entertainment. We expect that raiders keep their composure during raids. Please do not call someone out for failing. If they are holding back the raid an officer will ask them to sit for the remainder of the night while those that have done their research work to progress.

What We Need
-We are not in need of main-spec'd tanks at this time
-2-4 DPS, all classes are encouraged to apply
-1 Healer, all classes are encouraged to apply

Contact Info
- My RealID is jakemesiti@gmail.com
- To apply, or for further information, our website is www.mynemesis.wowstead.com
- For any other questions, please feel free to contact me, or any other member of Nemesis that will put you quickly in touch with an officer.

Thank You for your time and consideration, we look forward to hearing from you!
what time do you guys raid? and do you guys have a hunter that does aspect of the pack when running back from a wipe? =D
Our shadow priest raids naked.
11/29/2011 02:31 PMPosted by Aep
Our shadow priest raids naked.

Ok ... I'm listening now ...

I just might be tempted ...

Is said shadow priest ... male or female? .... ummm Draenei perhpas?


So?? .... I'm a man ... it's a given I'm also a pervert ... Details please? Do you have pictures?

he's a handsome devil, but i'm not sure he's up to your high standards Dare... :p

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