A Brief History of Alterac Valley, Part II

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Why is this thread dying already? Make it be known!
I'd love for Blizzard to implement the suggestions you have made for AV.

As an aside, I'd love for Blizzard to revamp the "forgotten battleground," Wintergrasp.
I especially liked the old AV! I remember when there were tons of guards everywhere - it certainly gave an epic feeling.

I think that the rewards section has great potential, like the trinket that has special effects in AV, with the port. The port back to base isn't very useful in the current AV for obvious reasons, but I think the ideas behind making a BG specific trinket were brilliant. Note that this probably wouldn't work well for any current BG because as we are in each BG for such a limited time, a trinket wouldn't be worth it to most people.
I loved AV classic even though it was a horrendous mess that Horde on my realm won 0 games of for something like 6 months.

The alliance base was just too hard to crack with those insane towers.

I still miss it and especially Korrak though.
I...I humbly bow to this. Probably the saddest thing for me in wow has been watching AV, my greatest love in the game,be reduced to it's current form. I applaud and support this. I would give almost anything to have the changes you've laid out made. You made your point well and I sincerely wish for Blizzard to take notice.
Bumping this thread due to discussion in http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4768687029
Oh day long AVS, not sure if I would want those back.

Though they were fun at the time.
I like all this, but when you suggested it be removed from the random que...I don't think that'll work since it'd make the time so long to wait. I'd suggest implementing a way to choose up to 3 BGs that someone doesn't like and when they check them they are least likely to get those but still possible to get them, Pretty much how SC2 lets you choose 3 maps you hate and want to get rarely.

I only had a glimpse of what it was since i joined in BC and played it a few times once i got in the 60s and readin your whole post I would love to see it the way it was from reading so much on AV.
I've never had a problem with the changes to AV and I never really missed old AV.

After reading this thread, I have now done a complete 180 on the issue. I would be more excited about bringing back old AV than any other change that's been announced for MOP so far.

Whoever wrote the original thread did an amazing job. As a matter of fact, not to stack up to much hyperbole, but I think this is the best thread I have ever read on these forums. And I read every word of it.

If the OP wrote speeches for politicians he/she would surely take over the entire world in no time.
This is a great argument for bringing back the glory of old AV. I support this wholeheartedly.
A agree with OP. Having 40 people sitting on opposite ends of a zone isn't pvp. Bring back old AV.
I support this thread 100%. Good thread
It's a shame, but it seems like not enough people enjoy or have even experienced AV as it used to be.
Oh day long AVS, not sure if I would want those back.

Though they were fun at the time.

Everyone that comes in here, please skim through the first few posts before making comments.

Nearly every problem that arises has probably been brought up and solved by the community. Whether or not anything ever comes true is another story.


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