A Brief History of Alterac Valley, Part II

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While I never was around for the original AV -- I joined about a month before BC was released, and never hit the level cap until Wrath due to enjoying the leveling process -- I've heard stories about the original AV matches, the longest being a week, I believe. At any rate, I do feel that there are a lot of things in AV Lite, as called here, that are simply not used how they are supposed to be used, if used at all. The Wing Commanders, for example. Most don't even know what they're even -for- nowadays, other than to turn in medals to when they get to the base, which is rather depressing.

The zerg fests that we have nowadays are so common, I've seen, that people don't even know what to do when the opposing team wipes their zerg -- other than turtle, of course. It's almost as if they're un-prepared to actually have PvP combat in this BG, sometimes. Rarely do you get a match where both sides don't zerg the opposing leader and actually focus on the quests and the PvP, but when you do it's still utterly amazing. It's mainly for that reason that I feel the need for the classic version of AV to be brought back, on a separate queue from the other battlegrounds, as well as the reason that some of us PvP'ers -do- want a long, PvP raid, that resembles an ACTUAL battle instead of a short skirmish between two sides.

Having it on a separate queue would, as you said, make it so that those that didn't want to deal with it, could do just that -- not deal with it. With that said, thank you for the guide, and I hope that they one day bring back AV as it was meant to be, and not what it is now.
I played AV back in the day. I remember fighting a tauren warrior on my feral druid (this same toon) during a large engagement on the Stormpike Bridge on the North end of the map.

She had fell off of the edge and got out of combat to eat. I jumped down after her and while the massive battle was raging above us, we two fought beneath the bridge for 5 whole minutes. In the end, I had won the fight just as a new wave of respawned Alliance surged into the Horde's push, taking back the flag on the other side of the bridge and, keeping up the momentum, pushed them all the way back down to Tower Point.

In that same battle, the Alliance's tree boss had been summoned and the Horde had called up 2 of their bat riders. The Allianced marched up behind their Lord while avoiding the blasts as best they could. The entire battle heading down to the Horde's keep was tense and it took a pack of wolf riders to stop the player march (thought the Lord kept moving forward).

This was all within the span of 45 minutes...
...I went into AV the other day and in less than twenty minutes, the General died.

I support bringing back old AV.

...I went into AV the other day and in less than twenty minutes, the General died.

I support bringing back old AV.

that a little longer than the ones i usually get at this point
On this very tune I took part in grueling AV battles in times of yore. I remember day long battles, coming in when that giant frost monster was murdering every poor soul zoning in on the alliance side. Holding the line on our bridge from the never ending horde onslaught. It was glorious, because even with all the bad, there was a real sense of accomplishment when you actually did something. Every step you took meant something in the battleground as a whole. I'll never forget the fist time we successfully breached the horde base.

There is no logical reason to not make something like this again, take it off random and let people enjoy an epic battle if they chose. Fast honor is available for everyone who wants to grind, but that's what it is a lot of the time, a grind. Let there be some real endgame for mass pvp, is that really asking so much?
- Update Drek'Thar's model to reflect the fact that he now fights from the comfort of his wheelchair.

Reason: Because it would be awesome, and because it makes sense lorewise.
A more likely change, I think, would be promoting Galvanger to the main boss and giving the Horde a new general.

That aside, I absolutely agree with the aims of this thread. Bring back the original, awesome AV!
Signed. Remove it from the random queue (so the quick honor farmers aren't offended by it), roll it back to the original design, and let the karnage begin.
hat off to the OP for this! thank you sir, for your time and dedication to this cause! VERY well-written post with great suggestions.

I'm still considered a newbie (by many standards) coming in to the game at the end WotLK, but I've heard tale of the epic AV battles of yore. I love the PvP/BG aspect of the game (having never really much taken a liking to raids) and I remember being FLOORED earlier this year when I saw Lokholar the Ice Lord being summoned for the first time ever! I'd been grinding through BGs for a couple years and had never known that he'd existed as part of AV. that's when I went online and read some posts about what AV use to be like. Warmasters, Windriders, quests and battles that raged on for HOURS if not DAYS! sounded amazing.

I've tried to convince others to summon the elementals in AV since then but I have only seen it done one other time, as everyone else either a) don't know that they still exist, or b) just want to zerg and "get it over with". my hopes were that with the new blacklisting capability in MoP that only those committed to the long haul would be queuing for AV. personally, the way I see it is if you don't WANT to do PvP when why are you in the bloody BG to begin with?! but alas the fact that the bosses can be so successfully zerged it's hard to convince others to take up my cause.

I for one would LOVE to have the opportunity to be part of those epic AV battles of long ago! Blizz, please bring back the epic AV! and again, OP, thanks for your post!
Hello necro! At least it was a damn good thread to do it to.
+1 to necro'd thread.
I want to believe
10/24/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Popeward
I want to believe

Me too, I will love Blizzard forever if they re-tune AV back to it's original form, although a complete reset to the classic version may not be possible. I still hope that at least return some of it's past glory into it's current state. Sooooo many useless features are in the current AV due the reinforcement count that we can't see any of them really play out fully.
I love the OP well put together plan for classic AV. I for one am in support of the re-implementation of the classic battleground that had only a short time in its vast awesomeness. I posted the link to this thread in the BG section of the PvP forum. I hope players and Blizzard take notice.
I want the old AV back. Just saying Blizzard, I only sporadically buy WoW subscriptions nowadays. It'd be more constant if this existed.
I've played this game since day one and I've never posted on the forums. I logged into the forums for this post specifically.

I loved AV and participated in many of those days long battles. Every AV I play in now, I do my hardest to turtle, defend, and a few months ago we even managed to spawn Lok, but it's just a shade of it's former glory.

Bring it back, the suggestions of the OP are excellent, I'm frustrated with many battlegrounds right now, and I'd love to be able to play again in good ol' AV.
Memories of old AV bring back so much nostalgia.

My heart yearns for epic battles of such scale to rage again.

Plz bring back the old AV.
Why hasn't this happened yet?

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