H<Five Star Raiding>10m Currently Recruiting

<Five Star Raiding> is a lvl 25, 10 man raiding guild on Arthas. We are a group of mature, seasoned, intelligent raiders. Our main raid days are Tues and Wed, 8:00pm EST- 11:00pm. We run on off days although it is not required. NO shows will get you booted. You must have vent and a mic for all raids.
Our loot system is MS/OS with BIS gear considered for all classes. We focus on progression and with that comes the loot. This is a drama free guild; NO negativity will be tolerated.
Exceptional players always welcome. We are accepting casual and pvp players at this time.

We Have decided to reform and are looking for you to fill our ranks so we can work on progression without pugs.
Our Current Raiding Needs are:
Non Pally Tank
Resto Druid
Mist Weaver
1 Melee dps

If interested contact Runwscissors, Ziri, Iwoncuzulost or Surge in game and we will be happy to vent with you.
updated needs
add me msayers86@yahoo.com real friend 5/7hm 7/7 t12 5/8 10m ds 8/8 lfr
updated needs
updated needs
Reforming and looking for a few more to get MOP progression
updated needs

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