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What is the best songs for pump up and to keep adrenaline running throughout raids or PvP.
Personally...I prefer power metal. But what are the best songs?
I've been listening to 90's Radio on Pandora. It's awesome! Takes me back!
Don't Stop Believing by Journey.
something like this?


(video images are not wow. they're lnieage 2 but i'm sure you can find wow videos with the song too).
Hmmm, maybe something like Dream Theater (I -love- Panic Attack), or maybe some of the better video game boss tracks...

Falcom's got a few (ever heard music from YS: The Oath in Felghana!? LOL), for example.
There is only one song that can pump you up.

You Give Love a Bad Name.

"Mars,the Planet of War" Feel the power,be the power,you are the power.
Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
I personally listen to dubstep/electro house/DnB while i am playing. Something about lots of bass, while pounding gnomes gets me. :) But for metal i really enjoy Devildriver while torturing worgens and small human children.

That entire album is now my raiding music.
glam rock, funk, or plastic soul while exercising or lifting.

radiohead, primus, faith no more, pink floyd, rammstein or kraftwerk during WoW/SC2.
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Don't Stop Believing by Journey.

I listen to the 8-bit remixes that you can find on youtube

is the 8-bit remix of famous songs a meme? I guess.

if I'm not listening to that then these are some songs or artists in my rotation lately

Lamb of God "Now you've got Somthing to Die For" and "One Gun"

Music from the movie soundtrack of "Drive"

Vocal Trance.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0M5D5OA-d4 imho

Both work for me!

Oh, and Tik Tok parody by Midnight Beast.

I'd link it, but I'd get in trouble for that one.
http://www.mixpod.com/drakedog <3
Eye of the Tiger - by Survivor IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

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