Earthen Ring Dragon Soul Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Add heroic Zon'Ozz to Prophecy Reborns kill list makes us 4/8 now
Oh, ffs guys you'd think they'd be.... Whatever... Prophecy Reborn downed heroic Zon'ozz on Thursday. Freakin noobs.

Ávant Garde killed Heroic Warmaster.
Grats to all the Blackhorn kills this week!
Congrats to Icha Icha Paradise on the full clear of D.S.! Now just knock out all those achievements!

Congrats to Miltrath, Automatic, and Crytoris on their new Legendary Daggers!

Keep those kills coming. D.S. gets 5% "easier" on Tuesday.
You mean DS got 5% easier last Tuesday?
Heroic Yor'sahj down.
The Eleventh Hour achieved Deck Defender and has killed Heroic Ultraxion.
Waiting three days to post the kill seemed odd to me, that's all.
Everything updated through post 349. Keep those kills coming.
Group Three has downed Heroic Blackhorn. 6/8 Heroic.
Heroic Morchok. Also, Ping Pong Champions
Updated kills through post 352.
Heroic Warlord Zon'ozz and Hagara down
Angels of Chaos are 5/8 Heroic. We downed Zon'ozz last thursday!!!
Also Bibbit from Angels of Chaos has his legendary daggers!
Got you guys added, and updated through post 355.

Congrats to Bibbit on the Legendary Daggers!
Dark Legend got Heroic Ultraxion last night
Got you updated.

D.S. buff now at 25%. Looking forward to more kills from all you guys.
Hm, just noticed looks like you missed Bacon Bandits post about killing heroic blackhorn on May 3rd.

Also I've never posted about achievements. We've got all of them except Ultraxion cause we're slackers.
Angels of Chaos is now 6/8 heroic DS. We downed Warmaster last night!!

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