Earthen Ring Dragon Soul Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Bacon Bandits got heroic madness.
Old Guard got Heroic Spine
Realm First 25man Madness is still up for grabs. Is Old Guard extending lockout to go for the first?
List and sheet updated thru post 385.

Congrats to Bacon Bandits on the full clear of Heroic Dragon Soul! Now go get the Ultrax. meta and get your mounts. :-)
Grats bros on the kills! Looking forward to seeing that server first 25 man madness H :)
Bacon Bandits finished the Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider for some of our raiders tonight. :)
Dark Legend killed Heroic Zon'ozz
The Old Guard are now Saviors of Azeroth, Heroic Madness is down!

Grats to Arcadien for getting the mount
Grats Rinwen on legendary daggers!
Grats to Old Guard for server first 25man!
Congrats OG!!
Old Guard killed on 10 man? That means 25man is still up for grabs! Do we even have any raid groups that still run 25 mans every week?
11th and Old Guard are the only ones still alive. I'm sure Old Guard will get first 25 man :)
Thought 11th was running 10 mans now and it seems that OG is doing the same.
Haven't stopped 25s though!
Some players are on vacation so we decided to do it on 10 man rather than not raid. We're still a 25 man raiding guild.
Congrats to The Old Guard on the Heroic Maddness kill!

Congrats to Rinwen on the Legendary daggers.

Everything should be added and up-to-date thru post 399.
Åscension picked up Heroic Madness tonight. Yay 8/8

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